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Black Blood Brothers

Sep 17, 2010

Considering that I only watched four episodes I don't expect this review to be any good. But this mostly concerns the dub so don't be surprised.

Now I wasn't planning to really watch it after that vampire piece of trash Twilight had started ruining the vampire legacy right down to its core. But after seeing a Within Temptation amv for this particular anime I decided to put it as a plan to watch.

The plot was descent, the reason why I rated it a four. It had no really interest to me at the start when I read over the syno. for it, that and it sort of reminded me of the show Saiyuki, which is weird. Two brothers trying to find a more perminate home in secture 11. You'd think they would develop it more further but they decided not to and by the time the first dvd was over they had already finished their journey. Quite quick to be honest. I guess the next half goes into the awakening of Kontarou. Not sure but I am not really all that impressed by it.

The prologue at the beginning was a little unnecessary but provided action fans with a nice taste of battle. So yes, it in my opinion deserved a four.

The animation of it.. I swear that Kontarou looks a bit more plump than he actually is, faces were thinner and longer, and I also swear that Jiro looked a bit like a stick in some places. So the animation I would rate a nice 6. It may have had many faults but I count for effort as well. Also the background was pretty good as well, not to dark nor to bright. Just a perfect plain background.

The sound now.. here is where I developed trouble with watching this and what helped lower my opinion on the plot.

I decided to watch the dub, and I regretted it the moment I hit play. I was right in knowing that FUNimation had yet again screwed up another voice casting. Ouch. If anything I had to stop the dvd within five minutes of watching it to gain my nerve to finish. Tantum J. Michael as Jiro was not a perfect match, he was.. as always.. DULL and slightly gruff in voice. I swear they only cast him because of sex appeal in tone. I continued to twitch everytime he talked threw Jiro. It was not a perfect combination and if you seen into the past with his acting you can tell it is him because he has that dull tone of voice. I will compliment him for being able to capture and authority tone but not by much. Even when Jiro paniced in water you can still hear that dull edge to it. Ouch.. just ouch. It was also not a pretty flashback that this guy was to play Sebastian. All I can say is that Sebastian is doomed.

Kontarou... That voice was the reason I stopped the show to gain my nerve. His voice was wincy, scratchy and just down right annoying. It was like a more obnoix sounding Goku (Saiyuki). I just had to tune him out.

Mimiko's voice actor wasn't too bad.. the voice could have been better but she seemed to slip into the role alright. But the english dub is something I do not recommend watching this show in. It greatly distracted me from the plot quite a few times, and the characters I could barely pay any mind to. 'sighs' Really I wish Funimation would stop making bad dubs. I feel so sorry for my Kuroshitsuji 'sniffles'.

Now the characters.. I don't have a good opinion on. You can thank the dub for distracting me on that. But I do rate them a five for mediocre. Though Jiro's actor had basically hurt my chances of paying attention to him, I could tell by how he acted that he had a no tolerance polocy, he was also kind and very noble, plus he was had quite a seductive side (well if you get down to the last episode you can see it). But his reasons for protecting Kontarou are quite see threw, even in the first episode I could tell why he wanted to protect Kontarou so much.

To get a better opinion on him I had to look up his character profile (which I ignored spoilers if any of you are concerned). I would say he is not to bad and defiantly those of a younger age girl's fantasy.

Now Kontarou.. I really don't want to bother with. I had a terrible time trying to pay any attention to him, which was because of the horrid voice. I did catch that he was a hyper child that can be easily side tracked by simple things like food or toys.

Mimiko.. I would say is a bit on the sueish side. For two episodes it had more concentrated on her, and her innoscent nature wasn't too likable with me. She also had a short temper and I would say that was the only funny thing about her.

Most of the other characters I have forgotten do to my lack of interest in them or bad voices. But I can say they were good supporting characters. So yes I would say a five is good enough for them, not to bad to be descent and yet not to good to be fair.

Overall... I rate this serious a 5.3. Five for it capturing at least my interests, and not letting me fall completely into my own imagination. Another for some descent actions scenes, and some good animation. But the three for poor sound. Seriously.. I hated the english dub, I advice any newbies to the serious do not let your curiousity get the better of you.. the sub is a better choice.

4/10 story
6/10 animation
2/10 sound
5/10 characters
5.3/10 overall
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