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Sep 11, 2010

I know I only watched for episode but that was enough to give me an opinion upon this anime.

Threw out those episode one thing rang out clear.. this was an utter Disappoint ment. I had heard that it was good, and I have seen many pictures advertising it. So I gave it a werl finally. But I must say I was not thrilled.

Upon watching it one thing rang out which usually never happens. Confusion. I have read over the plots a million times at various other places and yet I didn't catch much of it when I was watching. I did laugh when it came to something really funning, but that was rare. I found myself sort of drifting away from the show into something of more interest in my own mind than really paying attention to it. Another thing.. Boring. In other words it was rather disappointing. It would seem that it was more intent with discribing the consquences of telling the future, and about the actions of spirits. Nothing of a real plot in this.

My rating of the story is a 3, poor. I was disappointed, confused, and bored. Trust me, I am not the type to get like that easily, and when an anime does it.. its just not pleasant.

The animation.. another disappointment. What annoyed me about the animation was the background. I only ever seen the more important characters colored, and not the other people around. If you notice I pay a bit close to the background more because of the characters. Not only that but the bodies.. I will explain that on the characters. Also the coloring of the scenary seemed.. dull. Sure the clothing that Yoko wore was sort of beautiful and the animation of magic was alright, but really the background, eyes, and other things was so disappointing. I felt sad for the animation of it. 4 for descent. I only found the clothing and magic more of an interest that is what saved it.

Sound-.. Well I can honestly say that I hated the opening and ending songs. The moment I heard them I had to fastforward my dvd player just to avoid listening to something that wasn't very good. I don't really think it fit with the anime at all, but than again I only watched four episodes so I don't know what the other song choices sound like. But as I was saying the music wasn't very good in my opinion, and when I tried listening to it in textless songs I just coulding, once was enough.

Now as far as voice actors go.. I would say FUNimation did it again with the voice actors.  I didn't like them... One actor seemed wincy, one was too dull, and another was way too innoscent.. 'blah' I think Yoko's voice actor seemed to slip more easily into the role but I could hear some flaws. Also the voices made me drip into my own mind to ignore it. I did find myself paying a bit more attention to the subs though.. but not much.

The Characters... I was pretty much just either bored with or felt like I was going to hit myself just to give me some entertainment. I didn't like them.. in fact it is odd to say that I only remember one of the characters names that would be Yoko. Lets see.. The main boy.. whatever his name is.. was more of a complainer than anything. I found his little rants somewhat humorous, but not by much. He also was very interested in that girl.. (can't remember her name either) like any other school boy. 'sighs' What a bore. Now the other boy.. was way too dull in my opinion, even the voice actor made him seem dull. I have seen placid boys like that before and I didn't enjoy them then either. No surprise as to why. The other girl.. well I don't really see her point other than a love obsession from one of the main characters, she was way too innoscent for my liking. The only one I seemed to like somewhat was Yoko. Though she was a sakei lover, I found her somewhat entertaining with how she love to teas, and her insight to those of the supernatural. I didn't mind her all that much. But the limbs.. now let me tell you about the limbs.. It was like looking at a more personal rubber stick man. The limbs were either to long for the body, the body not matching the head, the face not matching the body.. Oh god.. I nearly get a migrane with thinking about that.

Overall..  I give it a 4.3. I didn't find much interest in it, more of the word disappointed. I couldn't get into it within the few minutes the show started, and as I said I found myself more interested in what my mind came up with than it. 'sighs' Overall I think it deserves a rating of 4.3. Why.. the 4 for descentsy.. though I couldn't get into it easily, I found few things that caught my attention which earned it the four, but the rest.. was just poor so it earned a three. A four point three. Fair enough.

3/10 story
4/10 animation
3/10 sound
4/10 characters
4.3/10 overall

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