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Kannazuki no Miko

Sep 8, 2010

Another 12+ Anime. ( I swear they aren't making anime like they use to.)

Hm.. to be honest I wasn't much interested with the intro but after the action started to happen and the plot was revealed I was starting to. To be honest I didn't get into all that much until around the third episode of the series. But do not let that fool you.


The story is that Legend tells of a shrine on the moon and when it collapses the battle for the earth will begin. It is up to the Solar Priestess and Lunar Priestess to stop the evil that plagues that plagues the world by reviving the God of Swords. Now that is what got me interested. I never really watched much anime that involved priestess other than Inuyasha. And I must say I rather enjoyed the plot.

Of course they didn't beat around the bush. The series was short which I am not too fond of, and the whole entire series was pretty much constent to that of the plot, beside the few dates. What I did find annoying with the series what how it was Himeko's constent thoughts brusting in now and again. That was the only down side I could see with the story.


How do I put this... Girlish and Cute. The animation was good and had an uncommon glow to things, that is what gave it the girlish factor. Everything I scene in the anime was done up to be cute, even the bad guys (I can't spell the names) wasn't really all that threatening. It was rather amusing though. I liked the glow it gave the background a nice touch and a brighter feel to it instead of just leaving it dark and out of focus like some anime do. Though they could have atleast bothered to make it somewhat dark but that is just my opinion seeing as I am more intuned to the Kuroshitsuji style of things.

The character's animation was also rather cute. I swear sometimes Himeko was a chibi because of how innoscent she looked, and Chikane was no better in that station either. They eyes was one thing I loved, though they didn't really have a pupil, they still reflected the emotions quite well when the characters showed it. Soma on the other hand.. the hair could have been better, wasn't as shiny as the other two or other characters, and his animation seems to be quite dull.


Oh dear.. Now where do I begin with this. I would have to say I will start out with the good before the bad once again.

The song choices for the anime was a brilliant and well thought out I must say. I thought they went well with the anime and plot. That and they are quite rememberable even if there was only two. I can grantee you that you'd wouldn't forget the names of the songs. Heck I even found myself listening to them on Youtube most of the time. Of course I don't think some are really interested in the up beate KOTOKO.

Now the Voice Actors... I must tell you now that I only got to listen to the english dub, so please bare with me.

The Voice cast to be honest, could have been better. Part of the reason why I didn't like Himeko's thoughts was because of how bad her voice sounded. Wincy and rather silent. Not good. Chikane's voice was good, so I didn't mind her all that much, a bit too serious at times but good none the less. Soma was okay but I didn't like him much either, his battle cries just made me wince in embarassment. I admit they could have done a bit better with the casting, and this is where the review's rating lowers.

Sound effects were alright.. and I didn't mind them too much.


I must say that the only character I found to pick at with this is Soma. The tuff and kind bad guy. His character just plan annoys me. Everytime I would see him I couldn't help but think he was in some kind of battle (well he was with himself but that is not the battle I am talking about.). In most of the episodes that showed him I couldn't help but feel that he mostly just yells out like some raving gorilla beating its chest. 'shivers' And lets not forget Himeko.. the shy and innoscent main character in this. 'sighs' She was rather weak for my liking, where as Chikane had bothered to protect herself, Himeko seems to be the one in the most trouble because she really couldn't. She didn't start fighting back until about the end. Oh yes lets not forget about the major sex appeal she had on a couple of men in the series.

Chikane.. What can I say here.. She was either too serious or too nice most of the time. SHe also seemed to stay in her head most of the time instead of really talking to Himeko. She doesn't seem to let her guard down until the very end.

But the characters were good and earned somewhat of my approval. I liked the evil!Chikane much better than the good one, and Himeko I liked much more when she started to fight back. Soma was probably the only character I didn't like in the series.

Overall.. I must say though it didn't gain much of my interest at first, it most certainly has now. I finished the series within three clicks to my account on Netflix and enjoyed watching it, though the voice were a bit troubling. I think my official rating of this would be an 8. I liked it and it was good but a few things could have been changed to make it better.

8/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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