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To be honest I am thinking about dropping this after seven episodes.

I didn't really like the manga either but I have a refusal to drop anything unless it is absoletly ridiculious.

The story was certainly different from other school related anime. You start out being introduce to the main character talking and shortly after you meet the host club. Short and a bit fast paced but that was the same as the manga also. I didn't like the randomness of it really, I found it rather annoying yet funny at the same time. The story doesn't say much other then take you into bits of a troubling life for a young rich heir but really it is a story of romance believe it or not. I could barely tell with all the randomness going about.



Another five for the art. Though it was bright and pretty as some would say I didn't like it all that much. Character's limbs looked like rather like rubber sticks then real limbs and the heads seemed a bit smaller and thinner than adverage. The eyes were normal and the hair was indeed flowing but it could have done much better. I liked the background art more then the character's art. It was nicely drawn and had a magificiant glow thanks to the animation. It could have done better without the blurness around it or sparkles but it was good. Character's art not so much.



Three for sound.. Now the reason for me wanting to drop it instantly was because of the english cast chosen for this. And this is where the rating will lower. The english cast was horrible.. just.. urgh it was bad.. very bad. I wished for my ear-drumbs to shatter because of how bad it was. Funimation was terrible once again at picking the cast and there is the proof with the voices. One listen and you are annoyed by Haruhi, be introduced to the host club and there after you'll just want to rip your ears off. Absolutely poorly done. The only reason I didn't give it a 1 or 2 was because them capturing the background noises alright but really the voices diracted me terribly.


Characters were decent enough. I didn't like the voices seeing as they did not match and just made the characters sound very.. how do I put this... incredibly bad. Blunt and innoscent enough for you. I didn't like the character's art very much and to be honest their personalities could have used a tad bit more work but they were decent and I somewhat enjoyed them.

My enjoyment for this was dreadful. I found it amusing somewhat yes... but in all honest opinions.. it was just dreadful. I did not enjoy the character's as I probably should, nor did I enjoy the art, music, etc. I just had trouble with this all together.. I barely could enjoy it with such terrible acting and the randomness of it. Just dreadful in my opinion.

Overall.. I did not really enjoy this series like the manga. I am seriously concidering dropping it but I don't know for sure yet. I did sort of like it but.. 'shakes' head I just don't know. Funimation just did a horrible job with this.

(Mind you this is a review for the english dub)

5/10 story
5/10 animation
3/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall
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