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I mind you that this is only based upon 23 episodes watched. It will be updated ever so often.(next update 43 episodes.)

Personaly, I liked the first FullMetal Alchemist series better then this one. So many reason's why to but I will save them for later.

Lets begin with the story.

Story- (Rating- 8.6) Even though the story is slightly different then the pervious and fallows the manga more closely. I have to say that it kind of bores me more then that of the last one did. One- You already know what is coming before it comes so this leaves a gaint spoiler for those new to the series or just getting into it. It also feels like they are rushing it at most points and slows down more towards the actions scenes. Two- Though the character's are the same I've notice a few changes, Edwards seem to be slightly more sadder and showing less towards being called short. Basically the story has the same summary but it is different from either the manga or the anime. (The manga only slightly.)

Animation- (Rating- 9) Its planly at that.. a nine. The animation is better then most anime and has a more lighter feel towards it, it also has great dark contrasts combined with monstorious and slight gory scenes. Some of the character could have been better but I think they did pretty well with battler scenes, alchemy, and so on.

Sound- (Rating- 7) A seven. Now before anyone yells at me I do have my reasoning for rating it a seven. One of those reasons is when it comes towards the elements. At first you can hear the sound of water, fire, or whatever element they decided to use but then after you listen to it again you can hear something else hidden beneif the surface. I've noticed it with a few things. The voice actors were fine but some of the sounds you could hear another in the background. A little unprofetional.

Characters- (Rating 7.4) The character's now. Well seeing as this anime is fallowing the manga more closely why not give it my same opinion as the characters there. There are many differences between the characters and the pervious anime. One being Edward's hair, instead of the golden yellow color we come to know its a more lighter shade of gold. I do believe it is called white gold. His eyes slightly brighter, his hair a tad shorter, he seems more hunched over, and he is slightly shorter then the other Edward. I didn't enjoy that really. I quite enjoyed the other Edward Elric, he seemed more adultish and walked proudly, he even hit the nail on the head when it came to being called short, he didn't show too much sadness either. Alphose.. well other then the suit being slightly more grey blue I noticed no real change then his voice. One time he was one voice then a new after awhile. Winry.. still annoying as always only this time she shows more action which was enjoyable to see but not to the point where my annoyane would vanished, she still seemed quite girlie to me. Roy.. the same only more pervy, Riza.. I still like her. They didn't mess with her much and I liked that thought. In other words they where good and decent enough.

My Overall Rating for this- 8.5. Even though most like the fact that it fallows the manga, I still cannot ignore the giant spoiler that has, nor can I ignored the serious amount of boredom that I was given from watching. I also cannot ignore the mysterious sounds hiden in the shadows. In other words my opinion so far is eight point five. It was Good yet had a meidicore feel to it. Meaning that my opinion may shift at some point in time.

8.6/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
7.4/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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FotacienShado Mar 18, 2012

You liked the first series better!?!?! That's actually a first, I mean yeah, the classics keep a special place in our hearts, but I thought Brotherhood kicked the first ones ass out of the water. I think the story here was much more developed, and you have something happening early on that you hardly ever see, right away Ed and Al get confronted with an intense foe that they try to defeat, as opposed to not finding out until the end who's on their side and whos against them. I'd say that brotherhood also had a better development of each of the characters, both friends and foes. I donno, i'd say brotherhood is better, but to each their own.