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OneManga is about to Vanish!

23 JUL

If you guys do not know already, OneManga is about to vanish. All their manga are slowly being deleted one by one. So they say this is the last week to read any mangas before they are gone. The forum will be left up and you can go visit their Facebook page to comment on how much you loved their service.

The reason why they are vanishing is because of the publisher's greed for money. They want us to buy the manga's instead of reading them only. And as both my friend and I agree is that it doesn't matter if we read online or not, we would buy the manga anyway. The feel to have our own copy of our favorite manga is just to strong to resist. But they are stupid and so they wish to take not only OneManga down but possibly every other Read Manga online sites.. so it does not matter wether you read from OneManga or any other site. The threat still stands, and it needs to be taken care of like Downloading Music.

I don't care if you believe me or not- If not then go read what's on here www.onemanga.com if you do, well thank you and I ask for your help in the upcoming solution to help stop this threat from taking anymore of our sites and officialy our manga's scanslations.

A quote from my friend- I hope there will be - without scanlations, people wouldn't try different manga. I always try scanlations first to find out if it's worth spending my money on. And besides, we'd spend most of our time on cliff-hangers and possibly forget about the series if we had to wait for licenced versions, I mean, it's not like we don't go buy them when the opertunity arises is it? And some series aren't licenced yet, so there's no chance of the being read without scanlations!

If anyone has any right to say something about the translations it the mangakas themselves. She is right, without our precious scanslations we'd most likely would forget about the series, and its not like we do not buy them when the opertunity rises. What they are doing is wrong. So very very wrong.

There is a petition that is being worked on at the current to stop this madness from happening. If you guys would like to join, we are very welcome to have you aboard, if not well.. that's alright if you don't want to join the fight to stop this bloody mess. Think of it this way.. with their horrible translations skills when you post on a site with a character's name mispellen people are going to think of you as an ignoramous. And you'd be confused when they try to tell you the proper spelling.


Daedra avatar Daedra
Jul 23, 2010

  When they take one down others will take their place so I’m not worried. We will always have access to scanlations regardless of what they do.

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