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Pairing Question

25 NOV

I honestly don't get them.. really I don't. But we have and we have ones we hate. Why? I am curious to know. Anyone got an answer? I'd love to hear it. Why do we like some, and why do we dislike some.. hm. I'll probably never know that answer. I have many I like and most I dislike. Some are just silly, and some rather annoying. Like a roleplay for instant, one can be rather boring and one can be quite fun. But seriously why do we have favorites? Anyone got the answer?

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LovelyWickedDescet avatar LovelyWickedDescet
Nov 27, 2009

Thank you, was it really cute? (curious look)

chii avatar chii
Nov 25, 2009

dislikes are something that rubs you the wrong way with a flaw or whatever. likes are stuff you just are attracted too

that's really all there is to it.

cute pondering question :D

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