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Angel Sanctuary (Manga)

20 OCT

I'm currently reading (and slowly buying) the Angel Sanctuary manga by kaori yuki.  It is amazing, I've been afraid to try out the anime because I heard that it did not do the manga any justice. 

Kaori Yuki is an amazing artist and I can't think of one other person whose drawing I love more.  My avatar is one of her characters! The characters have such personality and beauty.  I read in one of her side notes in a manga book that she is obsessed with beauty... and I agree! and this is a good thing.  I am very addicted at the moment and will write a further update when I finish reading the series, I still have a lot to go.

The story is very deep, the characterization is awesome, there is romance, action, and amazing drawing.., what else can I ask for?

Go read Angel Sanctuary :)

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MissMiko avatar MissMiko
May 20, 2010

The Angel sanctuary anime is good they just don't finish the story. It just kinda stops.... I think  somebody didn't like the brother/sister lovin'. Don't be afraid to watch it :) What was done from the story was done well.

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