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I love anime, it is a hobby, I have trouble finding ones that grasp my attention for the full season, though the ones that do, I really love.  Anything that I have given 5 stars is perfect in my books. Kaori Yuki is my favourite artist, my avatar is one of her characters.  I love something with realistic animation (for the most part,) intelligence, and a dark aspect to the story.

I am nice, feel free to talk to me/ ask a question. I have a chow chow who is the best dog in the world, an amazing relationship, and oh yeah, my pet dove who's always cooing in the corner. I am appreciative of everything and I have a strong opinion.  I have seen more anime than the ones I have tagged, but I choose to keep track of the ones I like and forget about the ones I didn't lol.  I can appreciate sarcasm, and some pretty horrible and dry jokes, I hate people with a sense of entitlement who think they are better then you are.  and that is pretty much it for now for talking about myself, I have a pretty random personality so it is hard to narrow down things to say lol.

Please recommend an anime to me I would really appreciate it.

I have trouble finding things that suit my high standards! I have only seen 45 or so anime entirely ( I drop ones I hate), thats because I am so picky, if I think it doesn't suit my taste I won't watch!  If you see an anime that you think I would like let me know! :P

Will not watch: Dragon ball z, anything with card games (ugh), or anything (mostly) where the characters look like sexed up children! lol I like anime that is more or less aimed at adults.

I am not online as often as I'd like, but I work a lot.  Leave one and I will respond when I'm back!

p.s. I love emotional anime and I've been into the different movies a lot lately, please recommend one!


Also, I know it's horrible I stalled Code Geass s2, but I am waiting for some time to re-watch both seasons ;)

My Absolute Favourite Anime:

-Rurouni Kenshin & samurai x


-Seirei no Moribito


-Elfen Lied


-Grave of the fireflies 

-Comedy (OVA)

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Bloodless306 says...

I got ther cover picture from a wallpaper website under a FF tab so I just guessed lol

Oct 9, 2014
Bloodless306 says...

Hi ^_^ Thanks for looking at my list! Phantom is one of my favourite animes today :) Its so epic Hehe. As for my cover photo, i don't actually know if its from anything, although is does look kinda like Final Fantasy. It may supposed to be Hope and Lightning from FF XIII. But it could also just be a random piece of art. 

Sep 15, 2014
evan1979 says...


Maison Ikkoku

Whisper of the Heart


Jul 3, 2014
Sianeka says...

(For example, your blog posting your thoughts and opinions on Angel Sanctuary manga could be added to a Review of the manga on the manga’s Main Details page, and an anime review could be added for Claymore on the Claymore anime Main Details page. Or commentary could be added to the anime's Discussion topic in the Forum.)

Jul 1, 2014
phoniefly says...

Hello!  sothis is redesigning the anime-planet site, and plans to roll out an awesome new site design in July, we believe. The blog feature is not part of the new design, and it is going away.  More information about this here:  Announcement: the blog feature is being deprecatedtopic link.  (Be sure to check out the new site design when it goes live!)

The blog pages are going away, and will be gone when the site redesign goes live. Your blog here will be removed from the site.

So, if want to keep the information posted in your blog, you will need to copy this information someplace else on the site. If you have any questions how or where to do this, please feel free to get back to me, and I will try to assist.

Jun 30, 2014