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Well Im completely anime and yaoi addicted!Im a fan of InuYasha and Naruto(Shippuuden)!I also like Ghost Hunt,Love Com,Ouran Host Club,Tactics,Bleach and many,many more!But my MOST FAVOURITE anime is Loveless!!!...Ive watched so many I cant keep up with my other faves:P!Well...hhmmm..what else....I like reading manga too!!!If Im not doing that or watching anime I listen to music.I like everything that sounds good to me!Like Panic!At the disco,Fall out boy,My chemical romance,Within Temptation,Tokio Hotel,Linkin Park,Evanescence,T.A.T.U. and of course japanese music(mostly from animes)!...I dont really watch TV nor movies much but if I do I like romantic movies,comedies or horrors.But mostly when I turn on the TV I watch music chanels!WOW O.O Ive written alot!Well Ill stop its not like there is anything else to write after all!!!Hope you like my bio!!!:)

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Loveless11 avatar Loveless11


Oct 18, 2007
Loveless11 avatar Loveless11


Oct 18, 2007

Yeah,but its reallt kawaii isnt it!:):P

wolfangel87 avatar wolfangel87


Oct 16, 2007

Awwww, your avvy is so sad!

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