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Hii!!! Everyone!

Well, I think, now, it´s time to write some of my "bio".. you know,... something to write? >.<

Okay, then I am a girl, who loveees Anime and Manga! I just love it!! I really like romance, novels too, mysterious, and maybe magic schools anime.. And the most one; funny.. humor anime! Yep, I really like laugh heheh ^^""

 Well, About me, I like drawing comics too! I just like draw! And I make Videos, a lot ogf themes, but, most of them, about couple-vid..  ehehh, like you see, I really like Erza Scarlet (From Fairy Tail) She is just awesome! But one lillte problem, I like, when she´s in Manga drew.. Anime Fairy TAil, it´s just... isn´t good...  I don´t know what! But, maybe Voices, Animation, and she isn´t well looking there.. I just don´t know..

Hm, and I spend much time here... like you can see, down there, is the info.. hehehe ^^"

Aaaaand, if you want, then look here:


Well, I think that´s it!

Oh wait!!

P.S. From me!! >^<;

If you want to know, kind of Anime, or maybe question like, what do you prefer, then you can write maybe to me!! You know, I watched many Anime so far, and I think, I can help you, no rather I´ll be glad to help you ^^

So, then bye bye!!! Sayonara!!! Do widzenia!! Auf Wiedersehen!!! Ciao!!! Adieu!!!

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DanBK says...

Pale Cocon na trzy gwiazdki!! Wstydziła być się paskudo =3=

Jun 29, 2012
oathkeeper75 says...

T_T NOOOOO Erza must be mine <3_<3 xD I prefer Natsu and Lucy though I don't really know why, but yes Jellal and Erza is pretty cool as well.

Jul 11, 2011
oathkeeper75 says...

It says on your profile, or at least that's the impression I got

Jun 3, 2011
oathkeeper75 says...

Ah I see and sorry about the late response xD and huh? You like Erza but you don't like Fairy Tail? o.O

May 6, 2011
oathkeeper75 says...

xD I take it based on your icon and signature your an Erza fan?

Jan 22, 2011