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Vantek says...

Loved your response ^_^ It was a pleasure talking to you!

Dec 10, 2010
Vantek says...

Well it's hard to say if Claymore is deep because I don't know what you consider deep. Many people definitely consider Claymore charachters deep. Some possibly enjoy it without considering the charachters deep.

I myself... I guess I don't really think in terms of "deep". What's deep and what's not? Hmm... How can you like a show without considering deep... I guess you mean that in shows that are not trying to be deep, the plot is just a vessel for action or comedy and you are not even *intended* to sympathise with the charachters, is it like that? In that sense, I don't see how Claymore would be any less deep than any other fantasy action anime. You enjoyed Berserk for an example, so did I but I don't see how it was any *deeper* than Claymore. There are also many shows that I didn't like that I can't really consider any less "deep" than Claymore.

Maybe it's more that the viewers create the depth to the show they are watching, and it's not so much an inherent quality of the show. That you feel a strong empathy for the charachters, that you feel excited to find out what happens to them next, that you think about them a lot, could that be what you mean by "deep"? But that is a completely subjective thing, and actually highly dependent on wether you enjoy completely "shallow" details about the show. Even something as "shallow" as the artwork of the show will have a big effect for an example. If you simply adore the artwork, it alone will add to your motivation to watch the show, and will give create a much better possibility that you grow fond of the charachters. If you simply hate the artwork on the other hand, you might lose your motivation to watch the show before there is even a chance for the charachters to grow on you. In that sense, noone could possibly tell if the show is "deep" or not, because it is completely up to everyone's own subjective taste.

Whatever you have in mind with "depth" though, considering what people tend to have in mind with it I don't know how you could ever expect to see any of it just from three episodes. But, if you didn't like the first three episodes, then I don't think you're going to consider the whole show anything better than okay. To me the first three episodes were very well in tune with the whole show and I liked them for the exact same reasons as the rest of the show. So if you didn't like the first three, I don't think you're going to be amazed by the rest, though you still might consider it okay.

It's kind of unexpected though, because Claymore and Berserk are each other's most typical recommendations, and I also enjoyed Berserk for the exact same reasons as I enjoyed Claymore. By the way, especially the first episode. If the whole Berserk show had been more like the first episode, it would be probably competing with Claymore for the top spot in my list of favourites. I might also mention that the first time I watched Claymore, I thought it was merely decent. Then a year later (during which I watched a lot of anime and might have sort of acquired the taste for anime) I watched it again, and thought, wow this is good! And now I haven't felt any appetite whatsoever for anime for more than half a year. People's tastes can be very dynamic.

Woah, this grew WAY longer than I originally intended, but actually I figured a few interesting things out for myself, so thanks for making me think about it haha.

Dec 9, 2010
Vantek says...

Thanks! Let me know what you think of Claymore if you watch it! And recommend similar things if you happen to find any. (I've watched Berserk (and liked it)).

Dec 1, 2010