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Hey cuties (´ω`★)

Here's my anime watch list.

This gets updated everytime I complete an anime series, OVA or just a particular music video I like (there's barley on here and I don't know if it counts but yeah)

I've been watching anime for about 4 years now, I used to watch things like Tokyo Mew Mew and Pokemon from a young age but it wasn't until 2010 when me and my best friend got into anime and started watching non-subbed stuff out of interest.

I post mainly anime on my tumblr so if you want a new anime-related blog to follow here's a link http://pillow-tan-desu.tumblr.com/

Life on anime

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Anime ratings

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88 total

Life on manga

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  • 22 Hours
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What?! No manga ratings?

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JAhU says...

Since you're ok with Sci-Fi, you coud try the following titles : Eve no Jikan Movie, Eden of the East, Planetes, Metropolis, Steamboy, Interstella 5555 (if you like Daft Punk), Last Exile (has minor supernatural\fantasy themes) and Kino's Journey (this one is a bit psychological, but it is one of the best anime out there and one of my personal favorites).

Jan 6, 2012
starrysky123 says...

Oooooh btw 1 anime that i think u will like is Chihafuru but im not sure if i spelled it right tho and thanx again 4 ur recommendation

Jan 6, 2012
starrysky123 says...

Haha ...thankxx for leaving a comment on my profile and im so happy that some1 has the same interest as i do as welll n the animes that u recommended will b going in my anime list... thank u so much btw

Jan 6, 2012
JAhU says...

Hi there,

You could try watching Hitohira, Sora no Manimani, Allison and Lillia and Victorian Romance Emma. There is also School Rumble, but it ends so bad that I'm not sure if it's worth reading\watching. In terms of shoujo I can't recommend you any anime (you've already seen Lovely Complex), but you could try reading Dengeki Daisy and Maid Sama! (I have no idea if the anime adaptation is any good).

Most good shounen\action series have some fantasy\supernatural elements (for instance Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) so finding one without those is a tad hard. The only one that I can think of ATM is Pumpkin Scissors, but it does have some minor Sci-Fi\supernatural elements. There is also Toshokan Sensou which doesn't have any supernatural elements, but it is a senien series and there are some major plot holes in the story.

What about Sci-Fi? If you're ok with Sci-Fi I might be able to come up with more titles.

Jan 6, 2012
LotsOfLaugh says...

If You're Leaving A Recommendtion Please Read My Bio!

Arigatou Minna :)

Jan 6, 2012