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Vampire Knight S1+2

24 APR

So I friend introduced me a while back and its taken me some time (like a few years) to get back to it - again not my usual genre (I tend to avoid romance as it makes me scream like horror-flicks do with most girls).

However, vampire and the word knight did attract my attention.

Interesting storyline, kept me pretty hooked... again, somewhat cryptic ending darnit!! What is with these?!

I like the character development,though as usual the heroine was a bit slow on the uptake. It seems to be an attractive quality in women, in anime and in life, to be slower than the guys in her life.

I like to male leads, Zero and Kaname, they worked well off each other and the character dynamics was fun. The regular injection of humour helped too. 

I like the anime due to its darker elements and would recommend it as a watch but careful of that romance!

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