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darker than black

24 APR

Just finished watching Darker than Black - an oldie but a goodie.

I really enjoyed the dark elements to this very mysterious anime which is a bit vague at times and often cryptic. However, that is what makes it so absorbing - as I spent a good part of it trying to figure the mystery out.

I love the character of Hei - the anime is really stingy in giving out details about him, which makes him that much more of a mysterious character.

The character development also progresses for the rest of the cast, however, again, we do not get to see too much of these characters. I wish we could know more about them and have more of our questions answered.

I am not for the subtle!

All in all, Darker Than Black left me wanting more; more anime, more answers, more clarity and just more.

Oh and I love that black coat! I want one!

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