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Kimi ni Todoke is surprisingly wonderful!

10 JAN

I read the description of this series a few weeks ago and really wanted to watch it...until I scrolled down a little ways and saw the screenshots, which were disappointing. I was completely uninterested in the animation style and did not think I could sit through very many episodes without stalling/dropping this series.

Therefore I postponed my viewing of this show until a couple of days ago when I finally convinced myself to give the series a chance…BIG MISTAKE!

The result was anxious waiting for episodes to load and 13 straight episodes watched. Thus around six straight hours were spent on this watching project. (These hours really should have been spent more productively in a scholastic manner).

I found that the visuals were much better than I had originally anticipated and that the story and character interactions were everything that I had hoped for and more. I then proceeded to beat myself in penance for spending time watching some other anime shows that I really did not enjoy near as much as this one. I simply love the main character and the fact that she occasionally inner monologues. (I love Kyon even more for that reason). She is very cute and expends great effort caring for others. She is also kind in both words and deeds (unfortunately she is often misunderstood as being creepy) and is sweetly shy but optimistic.

Regrettably she looks like a certain horror film character and an unfortunate misunderstanding about her name causes the other students to think she also shares the same name with that specific horror movie character. This leads to all sorts of rumors, the least of which being that she can see ghosts and that she is generally bad luck. Some students even seem to believe that if they look into her eyes for more than three seconds at a time that they will become cursed. This saddens the main character greatly because she just wants to make friends and not scare people when she tries to help or thank them.

Thankfully one of the more popular boys in the school treats her no different than he treats any of his other fellow students. He is kind and because he refuses to treat her any differently than his other classmates those same classmates gradually begin to warm up to the main female lead. This story blossoms into an enjoyable romance. There is comedy throughout the series that does not interrupt the serious flow of the romance/drama portion of the series but instead adds to the lightheartedness and good spiritedness of the series.


Powerbird101 avatar Powerbird101
Sep 4, 2012

Im a 26 year old guy and i even shed a few tears in this anime... It was pretty darn good. ;-)

noonii1989 avatar noonii1989
May 5, 2010

I fell in love with this series too. Watched it over a few days when I should have been revising... Sadako/Sawako is very hard to dislike and her obvious love for Kazehaya is what grasped me hook, line and sinker. It's finished now, although I wish there had been more. At least the manga keeps us going. :)

Barklight avatar Barklight
Jan 15, 2010

Its a realy great Anime. Just started watching it and im in Ep.8. Not going to stop 'till Ep. 13. I just love this kind of Romance, kinda Slow Paced Animes.

nitaipriya avatar nitaipriya
Jan 14, 2010

lol @ spending 6 hours to watch the series up to date ... i hate when that happens to me.. they just really know how to keep you going...

this is actually my first time watching a series that airing and its killing me that i can get to the end of it... cliff hangers lasting 1 week... i gave myself a short break so that i could build up 2-3 eps but .... yeah .. that was once ^^ -now i just stay updated and anxiously wait for the next episode...

i wonder how many it will have :}

Omurqi avatar Omurqi
Jan 10, 2010

I still have to finish this one, but I loved the first few episodes ^_^

Btw, if you've come to love inner monologues here and in Haruhi, definitely check out Detroit Metal City. It's completely different from Todoke, crazy comedy instead of romance, but it has great inner monologues like Kyon in Haruhi and Sawako in Todoke.

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