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Yo slight up date to where im at

im just finishing my third year of college and things are as crazy as ever ive been to ndk now six years and going for seven this summer

as for anime i still love it :D even though i may have drifted a little cuz of filmmaking (not enough time to make movies and watch endless hours of anime lol) I will always find my self watchng somethng new


My main character I cosplay as Walter from Hellsing(the ova version).

I also do pein and deadra from naruto

curently im working on some new costumes [TOP SECRET]...

curently im a member of the mini-skirt army. I was The first male colorado member

I'm my spare time I watch anime(duh) , airsoft, philosophical discussions, making movies, and pretty much hanging out.

I love all most all music... i cant stand country bhla. I love large dance and social events such as Skylab, and sonic blume.

For many years ive been known as the goggle kid. for the last 5-6 years  I have had one of my trademark pairs of goggles on my head.

well its time for me to contenu my world conquest


(and i did spell that right)


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Katakana Feb 8, 2008

hi "random user" 

haha ...nice bio  Lordzim  and some great works in your "Top 5(4)"