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Only really got into anime about 3 years ago. Have a very random taste in what I watch. Once theres a somewhat interesting and unorthodox plot I'll watch it. A bit of a hopeless romantic, an undercurrent of romance in anime will usually keep me interested.

Been a bit out of the anime watching scene in the last while since I started working full time but I'm looking to pick up some more good shows once things settle down. I seem to be just keeping current with bleach and naruot at the moment though god only knows why.

INTERESTS: Anime, Gaming, Warhammer 40k, Programming, Drinking Coffee(I'm addicted to the stuff), Watching an interesting movie(has to be somewhat unusual, typical hollywood movies are just dull). I have a passion for fantasy novels and Sci-fi tv shows as well.... hmmm I believe I'm beginning to sound like a giant nerd. Ah well I also like to swim.

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sothis Feb 15, 2008

Awesome recs, keep up the good work! ^_^

wolfangel87 Feb 13, 2008

ooooo, thanks!!!!! I will have to watch that really soon!

wolfangel87 Feb 12, 2008

Oh wow!  What is your avatar from?????  He is gorgous!

wolfangel87 Feb 12, 2008

I love the favorites and I really like your user name!!!!

Welcome to Anime Planet!!!!