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tetra Oct 28, 2007

I was and saw VNV-nation live yesterday. they were sooooooo good!

Today my feet and knees hurt from the dancing and my arms from the waving... and they ended the show with Electronaut, so the entire audience, including the guy in a wheelchair that was front row center (!) danced like mad.

tetra Oct 26, 2007

That sounds like a nice way to remember ones dead.

In Sweden we have moved the (directry translated from swedish to english) 'eve of all saints' from 1/11 to the first sunday in november so they could remove a holiday that could interrupt work to a day when people are free anyhow. 

And we celebrate it by lighting candles on the graves of our friends and family. Since it is very dark here at this time of the year it is very beautiful with all the lights in the otherwise pitch black graveyard. It is like fairies have decended to the dead, and many people take walks to see the candles. 

wolfangel87 Oct 24, 2007

I think your username is really cool!

tetra Oct 21, 2007

I like that day too! Mostly because it is my birthday ^^ (1/11)

And I can go to the graveyard and light a candle for my dead husband.

Don't worry about your english, language is about communication not about correctness (is that a word?) so as long as we can understand eachother everything is fine. And if someone of us writes something the other can not understand it is possible to ask :P.

I read vampire books too, but the ones I like are like Sookie Stackhouse, the early Anita Blake etc. I have for a period of time mostly listened to japanese 60s and 70s music (noone other than me likes it...) but I have a very varied taste in music. And I post alot here in Anime-Planet, both the forums, the chat and in here. Another thing I like to do is to go and have a coffee with my younger sister and our friends. And offcourse I see alot of anime ^^

What is 'death breads'? I have never heard about it before. Is it a sweet bread or more like the kind of bread one eat with food?

And you need to get an avatar and a presentation ^^ It will make it easier for more members to find your page!

take care!


tetra Oct 15, 2007

Hihi!I read alot, really alot. Mostly urban fantasy, and for some reason fanfiction. I guess it is because I do not need to use my brain at all for fanfics ;)

In sweden it is autumn now, some mornings we have frost on the windows, and all the trees are yellow and red and their leaves are falling off. Hopefully we will have snow within a month! I guess there is not much snow in Mexico, that must be sad. 

 /Tetra :)