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Zaig Apr 26, 2014

I see. Well, once again, we really are thankful for all of the help you have given us, and hope you can still find the time to continue contributing like you already have been. Don't be shy about getting in contact with me when you feel the time is right, and we'll see what we can arrange.


the Anime-Planet staff

Zaig Apr 25, 2014

Hey LoneCoyote,

How's it going? I just wanted to say that the Character Moderator team have taken notice of your interest in helping us provide a more complete and accurate character database (we really appreciate it!). While our userbase and site continues to expand, so does our desire for a larger staff team. As such, we actively approach those whom we hope to become fellow members of our friendly crew - the Character Moderator team! Since you seem to have an interest in character adding, we were all wondering if you had any aspirations of joining us as a Character Moderator? I, personally, would train you one and one, and give you a crash course on how to add characters to the point where you would eventually be able to add them yourself as a Moderator. If this is something you believe might appeal to you, please return with a comment on my profile, along with any immediate questions you may have. Once I receive that response, I will then send you a private message on the forum detailing the duties of a Character Moderator and how you will be trained (will also answer any questions you asked in a response to my profile). As a note, the training should take a few weeks, and you would need to be able to start watching some of your shorter Want to Watch anime or Want to Read manga to submit complete casts for that I would also watch/read to moderate/train you on, preferably without any long breaks with no contact or training (we don’t have many mod trainers available at the moment, so I‘m unsure when the next time we could train you will be if you can‘t commit at this time).

PS: There's no pressure for you to join us. We will respect your decision, and encourage you to continue submitting either way.

Thanks again for all the help!


the Anime-Planet staff

lesterf1020 Apr 22, 2014

Thanks for submitting pictures for Rental Magica. All our pictures for that show are pretty crappy so don't be shy about submitting replacements for pictures already there. you seem to have a good eye for portrait shots unlike 99% of the other submitters so if you are up for it submit away!