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Addiction to the prime

26 NOV

Lately I haven't found decent anime to watch. Only one of every seven series I begin to watch keeps the interest up until completion. But lately I h... read more

3 months almost full!

20 OCT

Soon it comes up. Three months of my life dedicated to different animes. This value doesn't count the vast amount of rewatches. Thinking about it, thr... read more

Drunken blogging

19 OCT

Probably the funniest thing on earth: blogging when you are intoxicated.I don't know why I am drawn into doing things I might regret the next day but ... read more

What the hell is this?

11 OCT

I can't sleep.I haven't slept in days now. I just can't sleep at all. Whenever I lie down on my bed my eyes take a form of two pingpong balls. Eyelids... read more

En ole sankariainesta.

23 SEP

Blogging might be fun. This was my thought when I started writing this blog. I have never really written a blog before. I'm not much of a writer becau... read more