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I am a full time student so I don't have that much free time but when I do I love to read Manga. I prefer to have the actual books but since I have just aquired a Kindle I shall be reading some as a digital copy. 

I am generally a friendly person. :)
I am definitly an animal lover!

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chikoritaBH says...

So you will be a bachelor or a master the next year? I will finish my master's degree soon... :-) But I don't want to teach... :D There are 2 forms how to study - internal or external - I'm not sure if I translated them well... xD And since I don't want to teach I prefer that "external" form... I can work and earn more money... :-)

Feb 16, 2013
chikoritaBH says...

Hmm... Are you gonna become an archeologist? :-)

I study political science... :D But I need to know English and philosophy of the authors of your "Classical Studies", too... :D And I should finish my studies this year... okay... I'd like to continue... PhD is attractive... :-)

Feb 16, 2013
chikoritaBH says...

Ohh... that was quick... xD You are welcome... :-)

What do you study?

Feb 15, 2013
chikoritaBH says...

Welcome to Anime-Planet! :-)

Feb 15, 2013