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19mia Aug 10, 2012

Why cute? 

Mangina Aug 9, 2012

Konnichiwa and thank you for your comment :>

The studying sure keeps me away from a lot of anime aswell, that's true... though I tend to prioritize watching anime during the weekends and during breaks! \(^o^)/

I'm glad that you liked my recommendation Kanon (2006) <-> Air TV. Thus far it's been my only recommendation; there are lots of anime which I'd like to recommend back and forth but I think it's kinda hard to make a good recommendation without spoiling any of the contents within one anime or another. I will keep going though! Your appreciation is appreciated :P

designedevil Aug 6, 2012

thanks for the friend request :)

and welcome to anip

Bankai000 Aug 5, 2012

Yea me too, mother tongue is Arabic elhamdeallah. But your English is superb mashallah, can't hardly tell that it's your second Language. Compared to mine .... I suck lol. I am from the UAE(Dubai). Nice to meet you, yoroshiku! I've been wondering for a while, Tunsian poeple are happy with the new goverment, is it better than the previous one? are the people there happy and satisfied?

Nanikagaarimasuka Aug 5, 2012

I have a personal vandetta against Bleah. xD

Even if it turns out that I would love it, my first impression of it just ruined it for me. It takes something like 20 prior encounters to alter a first impression, you know.

...And Tenchi Muyo, just... No. xD