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Sheex Dec 26, 2012

Heya, thanks for the kind words - always nice to know people still enjoy my reviews.I have no interest in Ergo Proxy because it's the same genre as Tehxnolyze, Lain, etc. which I don't find particularly interesting. In general, I don't like blindly-symbolic or abstract pieces just because they are blindly-symbolic or abstract. The whole post-modern existentialism thing never really got my attention either, so it's like a double whammy of fail. Symbolic works I do tend to appreciate are things like Haibane Renmei - which, mind you, is one of my top rated series - because they're well-told stories with strong characters outside of their philosophical facade.

As for Vandread, it just filled all the necessary checkboxes for bad:- Terrible male lead. Check.- Harem girls who swoon over terrible male lead. Check.- Mediocre story and awful execution. Check and check.- Ecchi with needlessly over-sized boobs. Check.I could go on. It just had nothing to offer after sitting through like the six or so episodes I managaged to watch. I hardly watch anime anymore these days to begin with, but the series like Vandread are the first things I screen out when I do decide to pick up a series or two.

ayoubslipknot Dec 26, 2012

T_________________T !U started to new season ? :o 

19mia Aug 31, 2012

Hai. But I love King Julien from Madagascar in polish. It's great

what kind of music you listen?

Isabel Aug 24, 2012

Hey you!

Thanks for the nice comment! For me too, it's always awesome to meet some other Wolf's Rain Fan, because for me it was pretty much the first Anime I entirely watched and it's still one of my all-time favorites!

I also read the review you linked me and I really enjoyed reading it. I also agree with many of the points you brought up there! Thanks alot!

Have a nice day (^_^)/

19mia Aug 15, 2012

Why you responded in your profile? I didn't notice it! >.<' Gomen. 

I hate dubbing. In Poland each film has the same cast, and they aren't too good. -.-' When I go to cinema I always check whather the film is dubbed or  subtitled. xD Why Japanese seiyu can't go to Poland?! T^T