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Anime and Manga are my hobby. Maybe it's part of the reason I fell in love with my Japanese girlfriend.She can draw manga-styled pictures really well! (She's an artist)

Well, I might add more stuff, depending on if I feel like it and if I will continue going to this website.

But why would you want to know more about me? You should care more about yourself too. I guess!

Bye for now,



Dutchland Newspaper,Lollytown

Lolindir has been known to light his enemies on fire by glaring at them. Through his power of puns and pop culture references, he has managed to gain control of at least eight continents, but keeps losing them due to lack of interest in taxation protocols. Part of this is because he keeps giving up Australia, and as anyone who's taken over the world knows, the key to half the game is the small, but significant unit pop from Australia.

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What?! No anime ratings?

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yukisnow13 says...

Hey you havent been on lately mister! ;) talk to you later

Dec 28, 2010
chihinoke22 says...

LOL!!! I didn't expect you to. XD

Nov 29, 2010
chihinoke22 says...

This is a rhetorical question:

What's the average age for getting your first bf or gf in the world?


Nov 13, 2010
chihinoke22 says...

Just know that someone loves you! For every person you think doesn't love you there are 3 people who do love you.

This was in an email that my aunt sent to me and I just wanted you to know that I'm one of those 3 people who love you.

Mwaah!! XOXO

Oct 4, 2010
chihinoke22 says...

I haven't heard from you in a while (it's bad to lose contact with friends), is everything okay? Are you feeling better?

Sep 28, 2010