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"You don't become an otaku by trying…you just wake up one day, and realize you are one."


Who I am

I'm 28, male, worker and into Anime since summer 2011

First Anime

Dragonball, One Piece and Naruto on TV first, then Elfen LiedVampire Hunter D Bloodlust and various Ghibli movies. Since then I'm pretty much hooked.

What I watch

I can enjoy pretty much everything except shonen-ai. I try to keep up with the new interesting shows, movies and OVAs. Simultaniously I go back chronologicaly on the anime timeline watching the good stuff I missed year-wise. Nowadays I don't watch nearly as much as before, back then I often hit 36 episodes a day. Today I try to be really selective and filter out the quality entertainment.

Favourite Animation Studios

SHAFT, P.A. Works, ufotable, Kyotoanimation, Madhouse, Gainax (Trigger)

Favourite Anime

Check my 4.5 and 5 star ratings.

Favourite Manga

I don't enjoy scans as much as having a book in my hands, so I have a huge physical manga collection (almost over 1k)

BerserkBlade of the Immortal, Hunter X Hunter, GTO, Lone Wolf & Cub, work of Osamu Tezuka

Other things I like

I also like ero doujinshi, recently I started to collect anime figures (but I don't have much money for this atm), occasionally eroge and western pc games.

My first Gunpla


Some useful links

Blog looking back on 50 years of anime (very recommended)

Berserk Forum

Video-Blog on Japanese (Otaku) Culture:

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Jet says...

 Sry, I play MMO lately :).

 I see, you mostly stay positive, when it comes to modern anime. I used to prefer mid 80' style. It's called a golden age of japanese animation for a reason after all^^. So I thought, that you come to the point of watching ongoings only after getting wholly acquainted with the whole bulk of now classics. That's why I misinterpreted you in the first 2 messages. Watching lots of crap is normal tbn. The process of accumulating experience is the same everywhere. You just have to know, when to stop, since watching dozens of eps of something, you wholeheartedly hate is, well, unhealthy lol. When speaking about animation itself, I'm not sure, if style is that important in the end. You get used to almost everything. Like I watch Kingdom, regardless of it being horrible 3D CG. As bad of a show as it is, has some moments anyway :D.

 Oh, an rpg fan? I prefer Sacred1 tbn. A german game btw. Hm, replayed different parts of Settlers and Anno this summer too :D.

 I like sports for pretty much the same reasons, that others enjoy shounen. Never expect anything deep from it. Basically, I rarely get the same amount of adrenaline from shounen fights, than I do from sports battles, which are always intense action packed, dynamic and on edge. I finished Chihayafuru not long ago. Can't say, I liked it that much and you asked me, to tell, only IF I liked, so I won't divulge, I guess xD. But as a whole, I'm happy, that I found this one from your profile. It was never listed as sports, that's why I missed. Wonder, if there are any other hidden ones around. Anyway, it's certainly better than Kuroko, Area no Kishi or some other new ones. I remember the moment, but find it weird, that you decided to place sniveling main heroine as your avatar :D. Seemed more of a spunky type to me.

Nov 12, 2012
Jet says...

  Started with ongoings and watched by whole seasons backwards? That's original. Haven't noticed much worthwhile in those years. The result is amazing idd. I suppose, almost never dropping a thing is one of the reasons.

 Heh, I hear you. Guess, you are either into entertainment or work, can't be truly diligent at both.

 Games tend to deteriorate this past decade. More cinematic, than gameplay rich.

 Ic, if you almost never miss an ongoing, it's no wonder, that you still have a lot of oldschool titles to watch. Good to know, you 're not one of the maniacs, who look through anything, as long as it's from Japan and animated :D. Taste is an important trait ;).

 You are like from some anime yourself. Can't say, I've ever seen so many manga vols IRL ;).

 Listen, is Chihayafure a sports piece or all about romance? You should form some real Top-lists of your favourites btw :).

Oct 23, 2012
Jet says...

 Wow. Hail. I've seen guys with 10k+ entries lists, and even AP is full of 2-3years-ones nowadays. But this might be the first time, I'm actually fairly impressed. Have you seen all that in pretty much a year? The period of summer 2011-autumn2012? For real? Assert, that got a RL life and other hobbies too :o Is that even possible? I do vaguely recollect your profile from before tho. Hm, makes me wonder, what were you into, preceding coming here. Sky's the limit with such assiduity. Guess, you were a hardcore gamer, who passed a couple every day? If you were ever a bookworm, you'd know most of the classics by heart. Or if a cinephile, you'd probably take notes of Tarkovsky's birthplace and Bergman' wifes :D. Would make a perfectly fine new Tesla, if became a scientist too, btw :D. Sleep for 1-2hours, make ground-breaking inventions all days long lol.

 Anyway, Ic, you started running out of titles already. As omnivorous as you are, still watch mostly ongoing lately :). No wonder, the amount of anime is limited after all. About 16k shows, if my memory serves me right. Kinda laughable, when you compare to the aforementioned literature, which boasts over 100kk publications or the whole of cinematography with about 5kk names by now :).

 Too bad, you don't read scans. Do you buy manga in german&english? Both online and in stores? The catalogue would be still less, than with an online reader :unsure:.

 Ended up, typing quite alot. gl&hf ;)

Oct 18, 2012
pokemonrocks says...

Thanks for the reply and list, I will check those out soon! The first anime to get me hooked onto romance was Ichigo 100%, I wish there was more harems out there. I've seen Kiss X Sis, and practically most animes good ones :[ I'm glad I haven't reached your level, or I'd probably never be able to watch anime again, considering there is nothing else to watch LOL.

Sep 25, 2012
pokemonrocks says...

Hey! You look like a great person to ask judging from all the anime you've seen :O

Do you recommend any good harems/romance, ecchi couldn't hurt. I've seen like almost every harem already D:


Sep 24, 2012