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"You don't become an otaku by trying…you just wake up one day, and realize you are one."


Who I am

I'm 28, male, worker and into Anime since summer 2011

First Anime

Dragonball, One Piece and Naruto on TV first, then Elfen LiedVampire Hunter D Bloodlust and various Ghibli movies. Since then I'm pretty much hooked.

What I watch

I can enjoy pretty much everything except shonen-ai. I try to keep up with the new interesting shows, movies and OVAs. Simultaniously I go back chronologicaly on the anime timeline watching the good stuff I missed year-wise. Nowadays I don't watch nearly as much as before, back then I often hit 36 episodes a day. Today I try to be really selective and filter out the quality entertainment.

Favourite Animation Studios

SHAFT, P.A. Works, ufotable, Kyotoanimation, Madhouse, Gainax (Trigger)

Favourite Anime

Check my 4.5 and 5 star ratings.

Favourite Manga

I don't enjoy scans as much as having a book in my hands, so I have a huge physical manga collection (almost over 1k)

BerserkBlade of the Immortal, Hunter X Hunter, GTO, Lone Wolf & Cub, work of Osamu Tezuka

Other things I like

I also like ero doujinshi, recently I started to collect anime figures (but I don't have much money for this atm), occasionally eroge and western pc games.

My first Gunpla


Some useful links

Blog looking back on 50 years of anime (very recommended)

Berserk Forum

Video-Blog on Japanese (Otaku) Culture:

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ellyaun0re says...

it's a 2 or 4 minute episode , I have been looking for it for a while but couldn't find it anywhere , I hoped you would know about it , the one who made it is the one who made " this boy can fight aliens" (if you have heard of it before)

Anyway sorry for bothering xD

Sep 30, 2013
Naga says...

S-senpai notcied me! :3

Hoho, my review is giving me popularity. *megusta*

And I could see where you're comming from, but I tend to take everything into notice... so I ended up giving it a medicore rating, even though I enjoyed the hell out ot it. 

Love your Senjougahara pose avy. Even though I wasn't really a fan of her change of personality... 

Sep 30, 2013
ellyaun0re says...

Hey there :D

have you ever watched Ra/Radio Noise*Planet" ?

Sep 28, 2013
LunaAtic says...

makes sense!)) i usually (if the anime isn't TOO bad) finish watching it anyone, with great difficulty. that probably is a waste of time. =/

Sep 13, 2013
ellyaun0re says...

1800 anime watched ,

now I have someone to look up to *0*

Sep 11, 2013