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"You don't become an otaku by trying…you just wake up one day, and realize you are one."


Who I am

I'm 28, male, worker and into Anime since summer 2011

First Anime

Dragonball, One Piece and Naruto on TV first, then Elfen LiedVampire Hunter D Bloodlust and various Ghibli movies. Since then I'm pretty much hooked.

What I watch

I can enjoy pretty much everything except shonen-ai. I try to keep up with the new interesting shows, movies and OVAs. Simultaniously I go back chronologicaly on the anime timeline watching the good stuff I missed year-wise. Nowadays I don't watch nearly as much as before, back then I often hit 36 episodes a day. Today I try to be really selective and filter out the quality entertainment.

Favourite Animation Studios

SHAFT, P.A. Works, ufotable, Kyotoanimation, Madhouse, Gainax (Trigger)

Favourite Anime

Check my 4.5 and 5 star ratings.

Favourite Manga

I don't enjoy scans as much as having a book in my hands, so I have a huge physical manga collection (almost over 1k)

BerserkBlade of the Immortal, Hunter X Hunter, GTO, Lone Wolf & Cub, work of Osamu Tezuka

Other things I like

I also like ero doujinshi, recently I started to collect anime figures (but I don't have much money for this atm), occasionally eroge and western pc games.

My first Gunpla


Some useful links

Blog looking back on 50 years of anime (very recommended)

Berserk Forum

Video-Blog on Japanese (Otaku) Culture:

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utilzer May 21, 2012

Hello! I somehow managed to stumble across your page and I noticed your avatar, that scene was hilarious. Loved the bakemono/nisemonogatari series and can't wait for kizumonogatari :)

Dario97 Apr 28, 2012

Hi :D Well, Chuck Norris told me xD But, for real i don't remember :) I have just a small ability called "Good guys finder" xDDD

moeShana Mar 22, 2012

wooow wirklich? xD cool! 

cleodux Mar 22, 2012

He this is just a response from your original post here

I am not sure if you already watch all the Gundam, recently i start watching Universal Century, i think it helps a lot if you watch them choronigically, so by the time you watch Gundam Unicorn, some how you already understand the situation.

Myself i watch it according to its production year. Now i am at Victory Gundam.  I did skip to After Colony a bit since UC is too depressing, neet to balance out lol.

sothis Feb 10, 2012

NP :)

As a note it will probably save you some time to not worry about looking up the VA info, basically when a char mod adds any new relation info, they always add the missing VAs too ^_^

Though, if you ever find a series where there's a lot of voice actors missing in the characters tab, it would be very helpful for us if you could post a link to the series here ^_^