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I realized it's 6 weeks since the last update and by now the list is so huge it almost scares me XD I think i'll do this one in two parts and the second will follow a bit later.


Black Rock Shooter

Well, nice animation, but too short for any real story. I wouldn't really recomend this one.


A friend recomended this one for me and it has been literaly on my watch list for ages because you just know the name of it. I can't really pin it but I think this show was overrated a lot. It was a decent watch in the end but I much more enjoyed the movie

Escaflowne: The Movie

I watched after the TV show allthough I wouldn't really recomend to watch it stand alone.


People write that you have to watch this show more often to get the subtile plot but in my opinion there wasn't much to get and after a read up to connect the loose ends after the show I wouldn't decribe the concept or the story as genuine masterpiece like fans of it tend to do. I absolutely enjoyed the soundtrack though.


I was reading some revriews before and while watching this show and generally you get warned about the very bad ending and people praise the gore and hentai. In my case I think the ending was ok but the gore was bad and there should have been more hentai :D It's another show I wouldn't recomend because of the sometimes horrible pacing... zZz very slow, boring and inconsistent in the middle.

Ah! My Goddess: The Movie

With this movie I have watched all of the omg stuff that is around with the exception of the Mini-Goddesses I droped after this movie. I can't say this is an outstanding movie because most of the omg stuff is pretty mediorce... the have their good and funny moments but all of them have facepalm time aswell.

Fullmetal Alchemist

I'm so glad i watched this because it turned out to be a very good show. A bit slow at start but very rewarding in the end. Absolute recomendation ... Now it's time for Brotherhood.

Genshiken 1+2

Subtle otaku humor and insight on otaku culture. I'm a big fan of the otaku show genre and I love slice-of-life but this show was a bit too slow paced and peaceful for my taste. I think even K-ON had more action... however for some viewers it might be exactly the pacing and plainnes of the characters and plot that helps them to relate the show to real life strongly.

Ghost Hound

Another slow paced show right away. I enjoyed the watch but looking back after the last episode I can't come around to feel a bit cheated. What happened and what was achieved? The plot itself is very supernatural and in this case wasn't my cup of tee.

Highschool of the Dead OVA

I wouldn't usually mention a single OVA to a TV show here but this one is an exception. Starts with the runtime of 14 minutes (including ED and OP) and end with the entirely useless plot which has no reason other than delivering fanservice. I love fanservice if it comes included in a great anime but shows/epsidoes for the sole purpose of delivering fanservice. No thanks!

InuYasha The Movie 4

I think I started watching the InuYasha movies in 2009. Now this finally concludes things. It comes almost as a suprise that these movies are better as the DBZ, Naruto or even most of the One Piece movies. Still no masterpieces here allthough solid movies. I still have to watch the InuYasha TV show :) Not sure if it's worth it though...

GITS The Laughing Man

Watched this "recap" to connect the loose ends and confusion the TV show left. It served it's purpose and I enjoyed the movie. It's ideal for a rewatch I would say


To be continued


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