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I'm a So-Cal girl, living in the Pacific Northwest.

I watch movies and listen to music all day.

I'll read anything I can get my hands on, especially comic books.

I'm going to be a mum soon, and that's exciting. my baby's gonna watch lotsa cool anime >_<

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12 total

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  • 18 Hours
  • 1 Days
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What?! No manga ratings?

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OverLord01 says...

I looked through your anime watched list and I like what I see!! You are a Sailor Moon fan!! You saw all of the episodes and movies! VERY SWEET!  I to am a fan of that show. I remember viewing that series back in my junior high school days. It was the first anime I ever watched on TV. You maybe asking yourself why is a guy like me like "Sailor Moon"? Well its simple, the story line and the characters and also I just watched one episode and I was hooked on it. Maybe it was the school girl thing changing into a hero with powers but you know what I mean.

I also saw other shows on your list too. Very sweet! You have good tastes!

Just thought I would say hi to you again and complement you on your list. 

Nov 4, 2007
Lolo says...

I want to join you in the land of lost left socks!!! I want to sail my boat in oceans of socks you could be my first mate! - the marvelous captain lolo

Nov 4, 2007
themasteroffools says...

Nice avatar...

"All the coffee in ethopia could not make me a morning person"

"I havn't had my morning coffee yet, don't make me kill you."

Welcoem again 

Nov 4, 2007
OverLord01 says...

No problem! If you need anything or have any questions of anykind feel free to ask me. 

I really hope you get to like it here as I have. People on here are very nice and the moderators are kind folk too. 

Nov 4, 2007
DownwardDog says...

hey Loke welcome to A-P!  now i'm going to have to go watch Nana to get to know you better.... ;p

Nov 3, 2007