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Yukikaze says...

(Spam Filter) Is anime something you watch or eat?

My Answer: EAT.

Anyways, hey Locate. 'Member me, the annoying hentai obsessed guy you met on IRC Chat? Wait, there are lots of those. Hmm.

Yeah, so it's me, Yukikaze. I wanna know ya better, so please comment back when you find the time. Thanks.

Jun 21, 2008
Tasuki says...

*blows away dust*

*stabs a few times to see if its still alive*


Hmmm. Looks like a severe case of abandoned profile. T_T 

Nov 7, 2007
Bateau says...

Locate is awesome!! just dropping by to say hey!

Sep 13, 2007
sothis says...


Aug 4, 2007
Flimmeren says...

Thank you for the nice greeting, Locate. And yes - if I somehow manages to survive for yet another year then I am certain we'll have more of these days!

Speaking of days - I took  most of today off to have a long, good walk along the coastline about 45 minutes from here where I live. The entire july had been grey and wet, but the forecast said that today would be relatively nice. So I took a chance, and packed my rucksack - and then left for the walk. And would you imagine; even if there were a few clouds on the sky - not a single one shaded the sun at all the entire day. I was walking for more than 7 hours in bright sunlight! Its simply amazing. And not at least revitalizing. So - yes, this has been a truly great day!

Aug 3, 2007