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  • International Samoe League Voting - Phase 1 Day 8

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International Samoe League Voting - Phase 1 Day 8

20 FEB

So I guess I forgot to vote yesterday. Shimatta! Because I took Monday off my whole week has felt out of order.

So once more, I tell you for whom I would have voted for!

ARENA 1: Index L. Prohibitorum, C.C.

ARENA 2: Kinomoto Sakura, Sakagami Tomoyo

ARENA 4: Furude Rika

ARENA 5: Kamio Misuzu, Ibuki Fūko

ARENA 6: Iwasawa Masami, Ichinose Kotomi

ARENA 9: Akemi Homura

ARENA 10: Kuroyukihime, Makise Kurisu

ARENA 11: Kaname Madoka

ARENA 13: Shiina Mayuri

ARENA 14: Oda Nobuna

ARENA 15: Gasai Yuno, Morgiana

ARENA 17: Kuroi Mato, Nakamura Yuri

ARENA 18: Yui-nyan, Gokō Ruri (Kuroneko)

ARENA 19: Tachibana Kanade, Kōsaka Kirino

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