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  • Higurashi Streak and Spice and Wolf II Release~!!

Higurashi Streak and Spice and Wolf II Release~!!


Man, i have been watching Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kai non-stop @____@

my mind is having trouble comprehending some things, however,  think its from the lack of sleep from staying up to watch these episodes XD

Anywhoo, almost done with Higurashi Kai, then onto Rei and finally Kira. :D im doing good so far

Also, Spice and Wolf II was released~!!!! :D *dances* Man i am so happy!!

Only thing is...why a BluRay/DVD combo pack? :s is that neccessary? Can't they just put out a single DVD version and a single BluRay version? If i get the combo pack i'll have one BluRay disc that I'm not going to use (since I do not own a BluRay player)

well, I'm just thankful that the discs are coming out finally :D


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