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Hey! I'm Tara, and i'm a teenager living in Toronto, Canada. I'm COMPLETELY!! obsessed with anime/manga (anime definitly more than manga...i like colour:P). I love mecha, sci-fi, fantasy... andpretty much anything with explosions and violence....Outside anime, i'm into music and science ( a geek). I'm still in high skool, and although i spend most of my classes watching anime on my ipod or daydreaming:}, im a good student. I'm constantly hyper:) and now i have no idea wut else to say...:D

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Bryak says...

I'll look into that..... Geez, you're not picky at all are you?

Dec 3, 2007
Bryak says...

I'm not Hyper anymore..... my puppy is sick:(

Dec 1, 2007