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You please welcome television star an adoptive mother donna mills alright on wait to have you here 5 we last saw each other I think we did the Larry king show we talked about adoption yeah I why did you adopted daughter Donna I guess I just felt it was a time in my life that I hand things to give and I wanted to give it to a child I wanted a daughter and he did wide-eyed I thought as a single mom I was but would be better able to deal with a girl as opposed to a boy didn't know the boy things yeah II boys right now without help but I and I just felt like I had a lot to impart to a girl yeah she felt your life now she's incredible she's wonderful and you know when people Safer Colon say well as your life change in my life has changed my life wasn't bad before you know i mean II never have any complaints about my life and I didn't a doctor to sort of fill up a space I just newly adopted her because I felt said I had love to give and I thought child give me love how old is she five in half by then it was me Chloe this disclosure a know that she’s adopted hmm yes so you explained it to her did she know her biological her real mother I'm her real mother I love you but I love that way back now the bilateral adoption means I G did not only different meals they don’t know who a has their child a my child I don't know them a how do you feel about that what your child wanting to meet her adopted oh I think at a certain point you know when it launches 18yearsold I would encourage it I'm definitely a dick most adapted people what that piece to the puzzle filled just to see what they look like what there and I don't feel threatened by that at all there are many ways to adopt...

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