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I'm a college senior majoring in computer science who's about to graduate soon, or so I hope haha.  Job market this year seems pretty gloomy, hopefully I'll be able to find something to do after college, thinking about that always depresses me, but watching anime can always take my thoughts off stuff like that.

I've started watching anime since I was very little, guess it's because of where I grew up.  Seeing some of these animes brings back memories.

I am currently in love with romance stories, please feel free to recommend any romance anime that you think is good, thanks!

Although it's kinda hard to just pick some anime out of everything I've watched so far, but if I were to pick the top 5 anime that I like, it'd probably be the following (order doesn't matter):

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zegwarian310 Oct 8, 2008

thanks for the welcome! I'm not a professional writer I just wish I was....but it's what I love doing more than anything else in the world

FrenzZzy Oct 8, 2008

thanx alot i appreicaite it .

hope we stay freinds.

Dipsiel Oct 8, 2008

Ah yes, I've read the manga too, though I watched the anime first which is one reason it made a greater impression of me, and also the music in the anime contributed greatly to the feeling of it. One of my favourite OSTs ever. Oh, and Yuzuyu's voice is too cute to miss!

I see you've tagged Green Green OVA as "Won't watch" ;D Good move, good move!

Dipsiel Oct 7, 2008

Aye aye, now I've done that :3

Nice top 5 btw, especially Aishiteru ze Baby. Damn that anime was 9 of the most beautiful hours of my life o.o

tsunia Oct 6, 2008

Thanks for the first comment! and yes, it is a Toshiba satelite :)

I love this site, i've been using it for a while, and just joined today; the recommendations database is SO useful.