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I'm a college senior majoring in computer science who's about to graduate soon, or so I hope haha.  Job market this year seems pretty gloomy, hopefully I'll be able to find something to do after college, thinking about that always depresses me, but watching anime can always take my thoughts off stuff like that.

I've started watching anime since I was very little, guess it's because of where I grew up.  Seeing some of these animes brings back memories.

I am currently in love with romance stories, please feel free to recommend any romance anime that you think is good, thanks!

Although it's kinda hard to just pick some anime out of everything I've watched so far, but if I were to pick the top 5 anime that I like, it'd probably be the following (order doesn't matter):

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rownak5 Oct 10, 2008

aww, thnx 4 da link 2 da 25th epi. n thnx 4 da satisfation too(lol). i cant believe INK's ovr! i just feel depressed now.i need 2 find another anime fast now,,very very fast(lol).anywayyz tell me how u like da animes i recommended.

Dipsiel Oct 9, 2008

Oh, and as a follow-up to what Rownak said earlier:

Gakuen Alice = Awesome

Dipsiel Oct 9, 2008

Hehe, well, I have nothing against perverted stuff as long as it's well written and doesn't try to sell solely on the feat of being able to show 50 pantyshots in a matter of minutes. Green Green is a pathetic attempt at comedy which does nothing but try to appeal to the mindset of a monkey (no offense to primates, they are adorable). It tries to keep a fun story up, and it tries to be sexy. It fails at both.

And thanks, I must say I've been spending a whole lot of time of my life watching anime. It's what I do. (Actually I'm on my 2nd year studying Game Development at university lvl, but that's just because I have to do something constructive, if I could I'd just sit around all the year around watching anime and playing)

Dipsiel Oct 9, 2008

Actually, the Green Green OVA is not "just as bad", it's worse.And it's got hentai content. Not the blatant ecchi stuff that protrudes from every minute of the series, but actualy hentai.

rownak5 Oct 9, 2008

oh, u liked it too?its great isnt it?(those aren't exactly questions just making, i mean i still didn't finish it bcuz i cant find epi 25 anywhere, n i really dont wanna download anythin.and, well, u might wanna try 1.shugo chara 2.gakuen alice.both r sort of magical but its really funny n has romance in it too. though nothing can compare 2 itazura na kiss, these r still pretty much good.

gakuen alice starts out as serious but gets funny later, n its about a 10 yr old.not sure if ur gonna like it.n shugo chara's about a 6th grader, has a luv triangle, n its a lil more magical than GA.

PLEASE dont hate me if u dont like it!