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I'm a college senior majoring in computer science who's about to graduate soon, or so I hope haha.  Job market this year seems pretty gloomy, hopefully I'll be able to find something to do after college, thinking about that always depresses me, but watching anime can always take my thoughts off stuff like that.

I've started watching anime since I was very little, guess it's because of where I grew up.  Seeing some of these animes brings back memories.

I am currently in love with romance stories, please feel free to recommend any romance anime that you think is good, thanks!

Although it's kinda hard to just pick some anime out of everything I've watched so far, but if I were to pick the top 5 anime that I like, it'd probably be the following (order doesn't matter):

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sothis Oct 23, 2008

Thanks! I haaaated that thing ;)

rownak5 Oct 13, 2008

hey,ur right,da story didnt cover da whole main story.dats y i think they're gonna finish it on da 2nd season.its gonna come out on may nxt year. i cant wait! i hope natsume n mikan get 2gether now. n da singers probly gonna come again. n they're probly gonna talk more about natsume's past too. dats y they probly left some stuff unseen/untold or somethin.

amyoftherealm Oct 12, 2008

Thanks, I'll be sure to check it out!

arc666 Oct 12, 2008

I dont remember either but thanks.

arc666 Oct 12, 2008

You think whats Claymore?