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Hello, yes it's me. Send reinforcements, it appears we’ve been infiltrated by a perverted assistance.

That’s the type of thing that Okabu speaks on his mobile phone when he is taken by surprise or at random times. Rintaro Okabe is an 18-year-old 1st-year college student and a self-proclaimed Mad Scientist who fights against an international organization named SERN that he believes is conspiring to reshape the world. He is also the main protagonist of Steins;gate, an anime that has the distinction of originally being produced by two studios, 5pb and Nitroplus.

Steins;Gate follows the story of Okabe in his “laboratory” who constantly creates pointless inventions, until one of them shows itself to be capable of sending SMS to the past. Additionally, Okabe is the only person in the world who is immune to the effects of shifting world lines, allowing him to remember events that happened in different timelines. As the story unfolds, we have great setting, paradoxes, complete with time travel and international criminal conspiracies.

It starts out with the plot moving forward more slowly than usual, gradually giving you vital information. This is shown in the very first episode which contains several essentials information to close the series. The story itself is fantastic, rarely falling into misused clichés, and the pace of the narrative gradually increases toward its climax. Unfortunately, the serie only begins to pick up the pace after 4-5 past episodes.

Regarding the characters, in general, they are as eccentric as the plot, especially the protagonist. It’s funny to watch Okabe stroll around entranced in his countless conspiracy theories. Plus, both Okabe and Kurisu (also known as Christina) usually have great dialogues without having a forced relationship, in which they play, talk and fight (a lot by the way), always making us laugh. The secondary characters, in their turn, are not well-explored at the get-go when they’re only presented; afterwards they are better crafted and you might realize that every character had his importance.

As for the animation, it is very competent and consistent throughout; I would say it's as beautiful as a butterfly. Sure there aren’t as much movement as in Kyoto Animation shows, precisely because it's not the primary focus of the anime. It focuses on how the “phone microwave (name subject to change)” changes the life of those involved and how the actions Okabe takes always have unintended consequences. And the animation carries it out nicely.

One of the most problems that most animes have is their endings. They tend to be either very inconclusive or just rushed and badly done. Nevertheless, Steins;gate has an ending where things felt like the happenings have flowed well together; Steins;gate manages to close with a flourish!

Overall, even though the series may not be the most flawless show, it provided all the entertainment I needed. So much so that it's the best anime I’ve ever watched so far. Also, it’s safe to say that no one will want to go back in time and warn their past selves to avoid this show after giving it run through. In short, as Okabe would say, it’s so cool!! Sonuvabitch.

9.7/10 story
9.5/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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GabrielRyuSan says...

It's so cool! Sonuvabitch

Aug 21, 2012