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so many little time..XD

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Rojikku Jan 3, 2013

I didn't  know it was humanly possible to have such an immensely long "Want to watch" list.

LamogiasGR Apr 11, 2011

totaly agree with your quote there

Indeed so little time :D

sothis Apr 29, 2010

Hi again,

So, something is wrong with what you're doing with the ratio, because they are definitely all very wrong. I checked the file myself just to make sure, but even the ones that you fixed are very squished. Here's an example - this is the same shot that you submitted, but the correct ratio (that I grabbed from my file):

vernanonix was having this problem too - he was submitting a lot of images that he thought were the right ratio because his image program kept the same ratio when resizing, but he finally discovered that there was a problem with his videos being squished from widescreen to fullscreen. Then, when he would take an image from the video, it was also the wrong ratio.

I'm asking him how he fixed the problem, but it is probably best to not submit more images until they are able to be taken at the right ratio :)

sothis Apr 27, 2010

well we definitely want the ratio to be correct - why would it ever be wrong, though? Are you using a program that doesn't allow keeping the same ratio?

Basically it's very important that we know any submitted images are the correct ratio - it's ok if the file dimensions are not exactly 130x180 or 130x200, they can be any size in between 180 and 200 for the height. is great for cropping, also. For example for Quiz, I've seen it, but I don't remember it well enough to know if the ratio is off - only for characters that it's obviously squished, like Mallon. So I'm not really able to ask you to only change specific ones, since I don't know which others have a wrong ratio :(

The image of Mallon is fine though, but why could it not be cropped with the right ratio? It could be that you just need to use mypictr or something if your tool doesn't allow ratio sizing :)

sothis Apr 27, 2010

Hi Lionhartz, thanks for the Quiz characters, they are great! I'm adding them now, I have a few questions on some of them such as Mallon - are you sure that the ratio is correct when resized? A few of these look kind of squished but I can't say for sure. Most look fine though.