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^ Made by me. =D

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I don't really have much to say about myself.

I'm a nineteen-year-old Spanish student who really likes anime and manga, but especially anime. I began, as the vast majority, watching series such as Dragon Ball or Slayers.

One Piece is the anime that actually introduced me in the depths of this ''universe''. I love everything about it, but it's not just nostalgia, it keeps getting better and better as more chapters are released, and everyone realizes that, both old and new fans! All of you, folks, read One Piece. Now.

My favorite genres are Action, Comedy and Horror, both Shonen and Seinen. But I'll watch pretty much anything as long as it looks interesting. I even watch some ecchi and the like every so often when I want something brainless to relax and let my senses go numb, even though I usually get the opposite effect since 98% of ecchi anime gets SO on my nerves. Oh, and I do HATE Yaoi and similar stuff, so anything but that, please.

My favorite videogame is Tales of Symphonia and I like music groups such as Rise Against or Sonata Arctica (some Japanese ones, too).

Several things I like in my anime:

-Huge, expansive worlds you can lose yourself in, lots of memorable locations and characters.

-A dark atmosphere, deathly serious mood, hostile places, corrupt people.

-Violence and gore of all sorts (justified and appropiate, not just 'because').

-A romance that's sweet without being fluffy.

-Randomness in comedies, lots of it.

-Thrills and shocking moments.

-Good characterisation.

My rating criteria:


I totally hated the anime, there was absolutely nothing remarkable (in a positive sort of way) or that could have at least stopped my yawns. Rare disasters such as Itsudatte my Santa or Sleeping with Hinako lurk on this side of my anime list.


This was shit with some things that were not SO extremely bad, but yet shitty things no matter how I see it. Ippatsu! Juuden-chan might be an example of this level of awfulness.


Still sucking a lot, but at least I did not want the producers to die horribly... Not much.


A pretty bad anime that could have been passable or decent if a bunch of things were different. For instance, Asura Cryin' or Tales of Eternia.


I barely enjoyed the series and I would not recommend it to anyone whom I had a minimal steem, but oh well... An approved is still an approved. It was not terrible or unbearable, just awfully average and unsubstantial.


^How I feel whenever I finish one of these...

There were several things I liked about it, but the whole thing didn't manage to leave a deep impression. However, a 3 is something fairly recommendable if the genre of the anime is compatible with the person.

3,5: It's a good series, nothing more and nothing less. I liked it and there weren't many things to dislike about the story, the characters or the production itself. See it if you think it matches your tastes. I have to say, I give lots of 3.5's as of late, but their value is pretty different depending on the series. Irohanihoheto has a really low one, while Bamboo Blade's is a lot higher and it saddens me not to be able to score it better... The four stars barrier is just too hard.


From this point onward there are the series I really liked. A 4/5 is for me an anime everyone should give a shot to - they might like it a lot or dislike it instead, but it's still a must-watch in my opinion. I loved these anime, unlike with previous scores there isn't really much to criticize, and most would have a 4.5 if only they were better-polished jewels (Tatami Galaxy, Legend of the Galactic Heroes or Texhnolyze come to mind).

4,5: These are considered by me either masterpieces (Monster) or just anime I enjoyed to the fullest (Needless). Truly excellent works: the people responsible should be proud of themselves. 

5,0: Only a few shows have ever gotten a perfect score from me. A five stars rating means I love every single aspect of these shows, and to lengths no other anime could ever hope to reach. Currently here: Gintama, Kaiji, Attack on Titan.

(Although One Piece remains my very favorite thing in this manganime world, I deducted half a star to the animated counterpart because it's just not up to the proper level anymore)

Now in just one word:

0.5 -> Vomit ; 1.0 -> Shit

1.5 -> Failure ; 2.0 -> Bad

2.5 -> Tolerable ; 3.0 -> Enjoyable

3.5 -> Nice ; 4.0 -> Amazing

4.5 -> Excellent ; 5.0 -> Unsurpassable

~Since October 27th, 2013~

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FrootyTooty says...

Gotta commend you for giving Gintama 5/5. :)

Mar 31, 2012
DaYaRa says...

Perdone por cotillear un poco, pero felicidades por meterse en medicina.

Nos tiene desinformados xD

Mar 26, 2012
pablo3z says...

Oh man, medicine?! :D That's quite a challenge i think. I mean... there's a lot of stuff to learn there i think. And it's more like memorizing instead of understanding a problem i think. But of course I can be wrong. Was that Your dream to go to medicine? Or it just came up when You've finished Your exams? :P And congratulations! Seriously. To get to medicine is, i think, quite a success. :)

As for studying harder or more actively i guess it's good for You. Of course my example isn't good and did some damage in my studying will ;] We had this finals about two months ago, and i thought it would go better. I wish it went. But it didn't. Before i didn't give a single fuck about my studies and it was going somewhat. I had some problems, but i'm the laziest in the world :P Sooo, last semester and it's finals was important and i gave a whoooole bunch of fucks about exams and shit. But of course when it started to matter to me, things went crazy. Ehhh :D I think now, that the less i care, the better it is :)

So this girl friendzoned You. This happens all the time. And i'm glad You found another one, with whom You have a lot in common. :) That's very very important thing. I found a girl too, but like faceshit would say: this is complicated ;] There's a few things I feel seriously weird in this.... relationship. Sometimes i wish i never met her. Sometimes i wish for "Forever alone" status :P But the thing is, when I am with her, all these thoughts are gone, and there is only place for a smile. God dammit! :P I hate emotions. I can't control them :/ It's annoying. But i hope it will work with You and this young lady :) Keeping thumbs for that :)

If i need some recommendations i will let You know  :) For now, i have plenty of titles to watch, but eventually I'm going to need You :)

As for 9gag and Reddit :P I think there is like more stolen things on 9gag from other sites like that. But i also thing I could find something on Reddit originally made for gag. But i can understand You, because it was Your comic that was stolen. You should see some polish sites like this. It's fucking annoying. I wanna see for example . And i'm watching the same things i watched before on gag. Seriously, they only change subtitles for polish, or even not. And put it there. So i stopped watching this shit :P Ehhh. I guess that's how it works :P Everybody takes something and puts it elsewhere... damn.

Oh, and Your comic was very good :D I was laughing like a boss :D And read it 3 times. Heh :D I see why it was so successful :) Congrats on that too :)

Happy to hear from You :) Happy to be back in anime world. :D Happy to have spring here! :D


Mar 24, 2012
pablo3z says...

Hey, it's been really long time! How are things there? Last time You wrote You will invite Your "special someone" to the graduation party or something like that. So how it went? Good? I hope so :)

Today was damn good weather out here. I was really enjoing it while "deconstructing" some little wood building on my terrain. It's quite realxing - breaking things down. Also I did some research about growing my own tobacco due to high prices of cigarettes. And it's growing now at my house, and than i will put it on my field. It's gonna be great I hope :)

Soooo, i did like the biggest mistake i could and stopped watching anime for some time. Not for long, but when i tried to start again i couldn't remember which ep of which anime should i watch :D But now i'm watching some eps every day so everything is going to be okay. Hopefully. My Want to watch list is doing strange things :D It won't shorten no matter what! I tried watching only those anime from want to watch, but at the same time i put there about 6 another anime titles :D I will never watch it all, it's impossible :)

So how's Your life? I hope You are great and happy :)

By the way, do You use this website : ? I think it's quite funny and let's You laugh with people around the globe. So if You don't know it, You should check it out.


Sorry for so long with no messages :)

Mar 22, 2012