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Here lies the proof that fanservice doesn't necessarily ruin every anime it pops up in as long as the show itself has something going for it.

On the surface, TamNM looks like your everyday, run-off-the-mill generic ecchi fare. On the inside, it still is typical ecchi material, but with important differences which make it an enjoyable ride instead of the usual unnerving experience that garbage like Ladies vs Butlers or Akikan are to me.

Let's start with what it does not do. To begin with, it does not take itself too seriously, nor does it try too hard to pull comedy like other ecchi shows do. Humor is delivered naturally, as it should, and it doesn't completely rely in tired concepts such as ''guy accidentally grabs girl's boobs -> is given punch and sent flying''. Actually, such retarded excuses of comedy are mostly extinct here, which I felt really grateful for. Instead, a healthy dose of parody and breaking the fourth wall is applied and the characters bring the show to life with their quirks, from the house butler's diligent, militar-like, overly serious composure to those who define themselves as ''lacking in personality'' and struggle not to fade in the background shadowed by everyone else.

Yes, it's really the characters what turn an otherwise unsavory, bleh moe fest into a fun show in which you can actually enjoy their antics. No stupid reactions to every little thing, no retarded tsundere in every fucking corner, no 'kyaaah kawaii' copy-past lolis and definitely NO-WIMPY-MALE-CHARACTER (not that he's a role model, but he's not an obnoxious wuss either). While I'm not saying these characters can't be tagged in certain stereotypes, it is evident that they fight against this simplification naturally, by simply following the flow of the story through their interactions with each other (which are, more often than not, charming and surprisingly refreshing - for an ecchi show) as well as using the much appreciated resource of self-parodying to avoid falling into clichés. There are also background stories for each that are thrown in at proper times to add some more dimension to them - nothing amazing, but again, way over the average for the genre.

Long story short, they are well characterised and they truly shine together as a solid ensemble, and I can safely say I enjoyed all of them. The cast is like a big family, and while this is something Shinra Kuonji, the girl who owns the house states herself, it's important for the show to believably portray it - which it does - and the result is a pretty endearing watch that, above all else, makes me smile. I would only leave out Yume's two school friends, but those were reaaaally minor anyways.

Accompanying the comedy, which would be the main focus, there is a certain amount of drama. Or rather, melodrama. But it's, again, the way the show deals with and delivers it that not only makes it tolerable but also rather enjoyable. It definitely tends to escape from the infinitely overblown proportions of the puke-drama you usually get in ecchi.

Animation and sound were both okay although not outstanding. Voice acting was, as usual when it comes to Japanese seiyuu, very good, it felt like every character was treated with care in the performance in order to mark their 'uniqueness'.

Well, yeah, I guess this is way too long a text for an anime that, in the end, is not that good, but it's extremely rare for me to enjoy an ecchi show to this extent (more like... first time ever?) so I felt a broad explanation to make my point - and celebrate a good find - was in order. Really, it's good to know that even when doing a series with boobs and panties a plenty there are still some miraculous occasions in which the actual content does not fucking sucks. So yeah... Cheers!

I would welcome a second season of this, although the ending wrapped it up for the most part in my opinion.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
7/10 overall

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ashman711 Aug 28, 2012

I agree. this was a funny series to watch killing time. It never took itself too seriously, stuck to parody and let itself flow. yeah it has some cliche's and flaws but like you stated, the characters makes the series.