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Anime Goals!

28 APR

Sometimes I find it easier (and more fun) to watch anime if I set some kind of ''goals'' for myself. These are always out of a whim and may have a reasonable justification - or not. Most are such long-term objectives I doubt I'll get them done in a lifetime, and others feel somewhat closer to completion. I don't actively pursue them leaving everything else aside but I like to keep them in mind. Here's some and I'll keep adding moar as I remember/come up with them.

-Watch all 2010 Anime. [This is the year where I began to watch everything]

-Watch all 2011 Anime.

-Watch all Madhouse Anime. [Favorite studio, so... yeah]

-Watch all Shaft Anime. [I just felt like it, mmkay?]

-Watch all the shows adapted from Weekly Shonen Jump. [Friendship, Effort, Victory!!]

-Watch all the Ghiblie Movies. [Soon...]

-Watch all of Hokuto no Ken. [Just some movies and short TV spin-offs left]

-Watch all shows tagged Violence, Gore or Explicit Content. [BLOOD AND DESTRUCTIONNN]

-Watch all shows tagged High Stakes or Survival. [Gotta love these!]

-Watch all of Gundam. [See what I meant by ''long-term''? *sigh*]

-Clean off my Want to Watch list once. [Been working on it since there were ~60 titles]

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