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Villain of the Week 6 - Amber

23 NOV


Amber from Darker Than Black.

Have any of you noticed that, up until this point, every single character I've brought up here has been male, smug, enigmatic, and usually in their 20-somethings? Why is it that these characters are so often the type of person who gets cast in a villainous role?

So, as a breath of fresh air, here is Amber, a character whose role as a villain is very, very questionable. You could just as easily call her a hero... one who uses some distinctly terrorist-y methods, but still. Of course, Darker Then Black isn't the kind of series that works on a "Heroes and Villains" motif, and if anything you could call Hei a villain just as easily. So does this make Amber a villain? I don't know and I don't care. Now shut up and let me write my article, Steve. >_>

So, Amber, A.K.A February. A character who, in my opinion, turned Darker Than Black from an entertaining, episodic series to a great one. For the entire series, Hei is essentially very stoic. As emotionless and cold as contractors are believed to be, he goes through the series killing numerous people as he is hired to. And then, shortly after the halfway mark, Hei finds out that Amber is back, and promptly loses his shit and goes looking for her... yes, apparently the two of them had quite a past together.

Amber is a very strange, mysterious person. We don't know much about her, other than that she once worked with Hei and his sister Bai back at Heaven's Gate. What little we do find out is probably best not to mention, since it will spoil people who haven't seen it.

I think what makes Amber work so well is contrast. Not only does she contrast massively to most anime villains, but she herself is a massive contrast to the show. As the name would suggest, Darker Than Black isn't a particularly cheerful series. It's quite hard-boiled in places, and you'll scarcely find a smiling face on any of the characters, and a genuine one scarcer still. Enter Amber, a bright, glowy bundle of happy joy. Easily the most emotive character in the series, and yet the most extremist as well, Amber sticks out like a sore thumb in the best possible way.

Favourite Quote: "The thing about him? He's only ever smiled once to me, truly. It was a full-blown smile that shot right through me. At the time, I thought... "Ah, I'm done for. I could do anything for this guy. I'd do anything to see that smile, one more time...""

Favourite Scene: (Skip to 17:25)



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