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Ah you have found the sporadic musings of my profile.

I, like many other anime watchers, was introduced to japanese anime at around the age of 7 when I discovered the series of Card Captor Sakura, Pokemon, Digimon, Yugioh and Dragon Ball Z. At the time, I thought these series to be masterpieces. Little did I know that the power and force of these series could not compare to the greatness of some of the other series I was to watch in the future. Naruto and Bleach became the series that hooked me into Anime and Japanese culture as a whole. However, I later dropped the series for better series that I deemed more my type. It was the series, Death Note, that ultimately led me to my obsession with the psychological genre. I've watched many psychological animes that explore themes of exestentialism, enlightenment ideals and neo-freudian beliefs. My favorite anime series of all time is Monster. Since that series, I've watched many other series such as Texhnolyze, Ergo Proxy and Shiki as well as many more.

I've recently started watching currently airing animes as to experience the otaku culture as it airs and be able to channel the true feelings of the anime as its creators would have wished it to be had there been no DVD or Blu-Ray version.

Psychological and philisophical themes exsist in every anime, it is simply a matter of finding the hidden symbolism that each anime contains.

A little blurb about me. I'm 17 and college bound next year. I live in NYC and love japanese culture. I'm a straight female so ecchi animes don't really appeal to me.



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DarkSarcasm Apr 7, 2011

that's a good thing you're doing. Most probably you'll come across a new masterpiece, because I am still hopeful that Anime is just starting to evolve.

Yeah, I don't live in USA. I live in Macedonia, which is Southeast Europe, Central Balkan Peninsula. I am Albanian by nationality. I was raised a muslim(what a twist for you, I'm guessing), but I find all religions extremely stupid and ignorant. I tend to be nihilistic and skeptical at everything. What are your beliefs? Also here, being a doctor requires 6 basic years and then 2 to 4 years of specialization. It's a long way, I know :/

I think I have Kaiji on my list. Don't worry, recommend. I'll try to watch all of them :P summer is approaching and a lot of free time will be available. Haha, I'm not an anti-romantic guy, but I don't think that from all the animes that are out there, I'd choose to watch a romance one. But I know that there are always exceptions, so if it's not just about Girl and Boy and Impossible love, then I might think it over. I have watched Millenium Actress, which is a romance movie, and I enjoyed it a lot.

That's a very unconventional name and unique as well :P My name, Driton, which is the male version of Drita( which in Albanian means "Light") isn't that much out of the box. But Drilon and Dritan are mostly used. My name is pronounced:

D as in Death

R as in Rabbit

I as in Intriguing

T as in Tomatoes

O as in tOss around

N as in Nagger ( are you a South Park fan? :P )

DarkSarcasm Apr 5, 2011

It was a pleasure to read em. I also read your blog and Blood+ was spoiled for me ( I have watched the anime movie and I have intended to watch the series a long time ago:also saw the Hollywood adoption to it. Disaster :A ) , but I don't mind since I still have to watch better animes than Blood+(I think they are -.-'). Monster is being downloaded. 1 day and 7 hours to go :A

That's nice. I'm a medicine nerd too. Although I applied outside of my country for Molecular Biology, it still is too expensive, so I guess I'll be staying in the capital of my country and study medicine. ( the capital isn't that bad actually. certainly not like  my town :A )

I don't know that book but I'm adding it into "to read in the future before I die" since you recommend it :P

yeah I added it. Hahah, I don't mind seriously. In fact, one of the reasons I added you was to gain from the bigger experience you have in the otaku world. Help is appreciated :P

It just HIT ME! I don't know your name. :O

So hello, nice to meet you. What's your name? ( first lesson ever in English class :P )

Mine is Driton bthw. and I know you are mispronouncing it -.-'

DarkSarcasm Apr 4, 2011

Yes, I kinda stalked your profile and read all your reviews and recommendations.( added Shiki, Monster, Elfen lied ( although this one isn't that much loved :P ) and all the others). For now I will download Monster cuz everyone is telling me too :)

WHy leave NYC for pennsylvania? :O hmm... what will you go for your undergraduate?

I made a BakaBT account and it looks nice. ^^ and yeah, I agree that it's an importnat factor. That's why I'm rewatching all the animes that I watched on shitty streaming.

Metamorphosis is a great book which is the next on my line to read, because right now I'm reading "Thus Spake Zarasuthtra" - Nietzche and it's taking me really long to analyze that guy.

Those are nice books as well ( added the anime as well -.-' ) . Have you read any Dostoevsky though? His "Notes from the underground" is a masterpiece.

DarkSarcasm Apr 3, 2011

Yeah, psychological ones are the best yet unfortunately the anime world is also filled with commercialistic and shallow projects. :/

Yes, it seem we do. We're both 17 too :P I'm turning 18 in 1 month and I can finally do whatever I want :P When's your birthday? And wow, you live in NYC. The dreams of all dreams. I don't hate you, but I feel serious contempt towards you :@ :P

I've been thinking to start Monster but it is a long one and I'm afraid it will take forever for my 0.18 MBps download speed to download it :A  yeah, shocker, I illegally download them. :P There is anything original in this part of the world. Music, movies, animes - nothing is sold. :/

You should also read Kafka's "The Trial". It's as good, if not a little better than the Stranger. :P

greaverm Apr 3, 2011

Cheers hope you enjoy Bakuman as much as I do, the final episode of this season came out today so you won't have to wait for either : D