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Ah you have found the sporadic musings of my profile.

I, like many other anime watchers, was introduced to japanese anime at around the age of 7 when I discovered the series of Card Captor Sakura, Pokemon, Digimon, Yugioh and Dragon Ball Z. At the time, I thought these series to be masterpieces. Little did I know that the power and force of these series could not compare to the greatness of some of the other series I was to watch in the future. Naruto and Bleach became the series that hooked me into Anime and Japanese culture as a whole. However, I later dropped the series for better series that I deemed more my type. It was the series, Death Note, that ultimately led me to my obsession with the psychological genre. I've watched many psychological animes that explore themes of exestentialism, enlightenment ideals and neo-freudian beliefs. My favorite anime series of all time is Monster. Since that series, I've watched many other series such as Texhnolyze, Ergo Proxy and Shiki as well as many more.

I've recently started watching currently airing animes as to experience the otaku culture as it airs and be able to channel the true feelings of the anime as its creators would have wished it to be had there been no DVD or Blu-Ray version.

Psychological and philisophical themes exsist in every anime, it is simply a matter of finding the hidden symbolism that each anime contains.

A little blurb about me. I'm 17 and college bound next year. I live in NYC and love japanese culture. I'm a straight female so ecchi animes don't really appeal to me.



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DarkSarcasm Apr 15, 2011

No need to rush. :)

I agree 100% with that. Evolution is not without its flaws, but it's still way ahead of Creatonism. But weak people will always be manipulated one way or the other and this is how the world has worked for thousands of years.

Iceland is like the "cool, silent, kick ass anime character that is super smart and only speaks when he has to". YOU GOTTA LOVE IT!

Our educational system is filled with "learn as many subjects as you can"... I have 37 hours per week -.-' I used to love chemistry until we started Organic Chemistry, when EVERY RULE and LAW started to tumble and that was really annoying. Math is ok I guess. I don't love it nor hate it. I go to Math Competitions in my country ( got 3rd prize in MMO 2010, which is where 10 students from each year of high school=totally 40 compete with the same test, and you need to pas regionals and republicans to get in there. That was the highlight of my high school success, and I show off too much:/, sorryy) Have you gone to any competitions?

I am at episode 18 on Monster(really busy shcedule as well)... Johan has 2 personalities... :O ... I still don't know whether Monster will be Supernatural or very rational. But I find it weird how everyone talks in Japanesse, butthe setting is in Germany and they, suposedly, talk in German. I can speak Turkish bthw. My school which is a private high school is from Turkey. Just thought of mentioning :P And yeah, there are many Turks in Germany, like A LOT of them :A

Amen to that xD Bleach has an awful plot, but the characters are awesome. But still, Bleach and Naruto are stalled at my list for now.

Oh you're a rock gal. I know them and respect them, but I haven't listened a lot from them ( except for Evanescence. Everybody's fool is my fav song from them)

Pop music is fun fun fun fun. ( It's Friday, bthw, today haha) :P I can listen to some pop guys, clearly for the sake of fun. I sang Jessie J "Do it like a Dude" on my school's Science Fair on the Karaoke that was there( my voice is horrible though) and I screamed at the parts" motherfucker, dick" ( hope u know the song) and my biology teacher came and freaked out :P

tomorrow I'm going on a Book Fair(it's once a year :/ ) .... I will finally get a chance to buy something nice... YAY... I'm super excited

DarkSarcasm Apr 12, 2011

3 times a week* oops

DarkSarcasm Apr 12, 2011

the fact that it's Right, makes me hate it. I'm so far-left, but I would never get involved with politics, because I find it extremely stupid. I will never understand why religion and politics ever mix and pretty much most politicians in charge are Creatonists ( I saw this documentary where U.S Army Commanders and Soldiers declared in open interviews that Satan and AntiChrist is in Middle East.Quite scary, when people with that amount of power have that ideology) because they want to get the vote of the people. Iceland's premier, however is a lesbian woman(this shows you a nation's intellect) who made "Strip clubs" illegal because she's a kick ass feminist. I love her, but I also fear her :P

We have philosophy classes 3 times a year. My teacher is an ex-model ( she just turned 25, but that makes you EX in the fashion world). She knows her subject but isn't very philosophical. I do compete with her who's taller because I'm the tallest in my generation, and she is also super tall and wears high heels.. yeah -.-' . Locke was on my philosophy project for the Science fair. I was teaching people on Locke's Empirism and I have repeated that part for 100 times that day. That's why Locke(and Goerge Berkley, David Hume and De Carte's Rationalism) are DEAD FOR ME.(really dead). I don't want to hear them EVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE, LIKE NEVER!

I believe that Code Geass is what Death Note would have been if it had mecha fights and billion female characters that are super hot(ecchi shots!). R1 of CG was excellent but R2 was a disappoitment. DN was epic from begining to end and CG tries to hard to be DN :P

you've never watched it?:O It's super famous. Well, I've never watched thsoe shows either(although I have heard of em).

I'll watch em before I die, I hope. Naruto's plot was great but Shippuden is kinda getting boring and annoying (if you read the Naruto manga, you'd know that every character that ever appeared in the show has a second appearance after dying and it's really BORING and dragging the show. It's just an attempt to keep the show going. ) I've heard for Fairy Tail being so in right now, but I still don't have the slightest idea what it's about.


SOrry for the long read :P bthw, what kind of music do you mostly listen to?


DarkSarcasm Apr 10, 2011

ok, let me say it. You're my long lost twin!

Ok,I said it.

you know what I will never understand about religious guys?! They say that their God will judge everyone on their lifestyle on Earth. So why the fuck is a religious guy telling me what is right and what is wrong? Isn't that God's work? If I'm going to hell, then I'm going, not you. But it's this religious guys that have less faith in their God and try to bring the "judgement" in this life. And religion is based on reward(heaven) and fear(hell) which is the method people use to train animals. When will people realize that they are trained by the same method? :A but whatevss, as long as people don't attack me, I never go around telling them that they're wrong.

we can share our experiences on how attractive we found the corpses we examined. NECROPHILIA :P

Sophia is a nice name. Means Wisdom. ( Tomorrow my school is having a Science Fair and I'm at Philosophy department, that's why I know :P . Phila=Love Sophia=Wisdom)

Hmm.. what type of series?

Anime it would be Death Note so far.

Satirical: South Park♥ ( I've seen every ep, more than once ! )

Drama Series: Desperate Housewives(Oh, the emberrasment) and Charmed.


Bthw,I'm at ep 12 in Monster. Liking it so far ^^

vivafruit Apr 7, 2011

Thanks for the words of encouragement; I'm glad you like my reviews!