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Ah you have found the sporadic musings of my profile.

I, like many other anime watchers, was introduced to japanese anime at around the age of 7 when I discovered the series of Card Captor Sakura, Pokemon, Digimon, Yugioh and Dragon Ball Z. At the time, I thought these series to be masterpieces. Little did I know that the power and force of these series could not compare to the greatness of some of the other series I was to watch in the future. Naruto and Bleach became the series that hooked me into Anime and Japanese culture as a whole. However, I later dropped the series for better series that I deemed more my type. It was the series, Death Note, that ultimately led me to my obsession with the psychological genre. I've watched many psychological animes that explore themes of exestentialism, enlightenment ideals and neo-freudian beliefs. My favorite anime series of all time is Monster. Since that series, I've watched many other series such as Texhnolyze, Ergo Proxy and Shiki as well as many more.

I've recently started watching currently airing animes as to experience the otaku culture as it airs and be able to channel the true feelings of the anime as its creators would have wished it to be had there been no DVD or Blu-Ray version.

Psychological and philisophical themes exsist in every anime, it is simply a matter of finding the hidden symbolism that each anime contains.

A little blurb about me. I'm 17 and college bound next year. I live in NYC and love japanese culture. I'm a straight female so ecchi animes don't really appeal to me.



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iwarhero Aug 5, 2012

Oiii I dropped in to give a heads up of the impossbru. AnoHana is getting a movie next year! =3

LeaT Jun 29, 2011

Then I better understand what you're saying and to some extent I'm inclined to agree, mostly because Elfen Lied ultimately is a harem story at heart and harem is more specifically aimed towards a male audience. With that said, I want to reinforce my previous statement that the idea that men should enjoy harem more has all to do with gender roles and how we are being taught how certain gender roles should perform, but this has nothing to do with taste per se.


For example, I thoroughly enjoy violence, especially when done in a stylistic manner. It's one of those reasons why I find games like Devil May Cry so enjoyable, even though at heart the games are incredibly repetitive and not particularly deep. Similarly, I enjoy the same elements when found in other media types such as anime.

LeaT Jun 26, 2011


Could you please expand upon your comment on the Elfen Lied review made by vivisfruit that watching Elfen Lied requires to either be male or be open minded as a woman? I kind of react because it just sounds... a tad stupid, since liking or disliking a show is normally not inherent to gender but boils down to taste. I do not believe women are less inclined to enjoy violent shows than men are, they are simply taught not to be and that is an entirely different matter, if you get what I'm saying.

iwarhero Jun 24, 2011

Thanks for the feedback on the review. =3 That was my first review I wrote on A-P so I didn't know if it would go well or not.

Mafuyu May 18, 2011


arigatou for the comment

and sorry it took a while to reply XD

i had a test coming up so i wasnt able to log in for a long time :(

I really like your about me part >< GO! CARD CAPTOR SAKURA!

I also started watching anime when i was small :) i especially liked watching

-card captor sakura

-sailor moon

-Ojamajo Doremi!

- Digimon


-yu gioh

ahaha i cant believe digimon is still continuing as well as yu gioh

but i like the yu gioh now its pretty funny