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Oct 28, 2009

K-ON!: I was slightly reluctant to start this anime as I am not too fond of very girly and cliché animes but this one surprised me. This one starts a bit slow and the actual plot doesn’t take affect till about halfway through the series but it makes sense. This anime is not only based around music, but friendship and how to adapt in new places. when I started watching this show I kept waiting for the band to finally worm but as the show goes on you realize it is almost nothing about the band itself but the relationship between the characters. just know before you watch this it is very high schooly and girly (pardon the language). this show was very good though and did keep me interested.

J-pop fans, heed the call, K-ON! is your show. the basic storyline is as so. Mio and Ricchan, two freshman just beginning high school are eager to get right into it. When they start looking into the extra-curricular clubs, they stumble upon the K-ON club, otherwise known as the Light-Music Club. However the club is empty and all clubs at school require at least 4 members to join. Mio and Ricchan begin to try getting people to join. They are shortly joined by mugi and shortly after by Yui, all four of these girls have unique personalities. Mio is smart and mature but shy and scared of just about anything, She plays bass and sings. Ricchan is so to speak the tom-boy of the ban, She plays Drums. Mugi is from a rich family but doesn’t act on it and will do anything for her friends, she plays keyboard. Yui is lazy and girly and wants nothing more than a big piece of cake and some tea, she eventually picks up guitar. With Mio writing lyrics and being the driving force behind the band and Mugi providing the snacks, these girls will surely rock. the band goes through a lot and even helps out one another with other things. they go through many adventures and mishaps of their own. they all grow and become great friends, oh yea and the band too!

This show is really fun. All the characters are so happy and when one gets down they all help get her back up. This anime really shows how close the girls get and have fun while being productive too. you will be laughing through the whole show at how girly they all are, even Ricchan. the music is almost ridiculous, with lyrics about marshmallows and pencils but by the time they get it together and pump out there first hit, you are so in tune with the girls that it is almost expected of them. if you want a fun and really cute show while listening to some good music, K-ON! is one hell of an anime. two thumbs up!

8/10 story
6/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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