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Witch Hunter Robin

Oct 27, 2009

Witch Hunter Robin: This is personally my favorite anime. this anime has a lot to offer however, I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT AS A STARTER ANIME OR TO ANYONE WHO IS STILL NEW TO THE SCENE. This show is very deep and the characters are complex and very well developed, by the third episode you are already very aware of everyone’s personality and mannerisms. some of the characters are a bit cliché but the main ones are unique. this show is very disconnected until the very end. each episode is of its own maintaining just subtle connections but enough for you to realize there are things going on behind the scenes. one interesting factor of this show is how you don’t feel like you missed anything. many animes begin mid storyline or something like this; so three best friends who are already big heroes get sent on a mission. you having already missed their previous quests, origins and such, need to pick up that information later into the series, possibly through a wasted flashback episode. In this series you come in just as the main character’s story begins and you stick with them through it till the end. This show is sad and deep but every moment you watch you get more and more in touch with the characters inner thoughts and realize why everyone feels the way they do.

STN is where this story takes place. it is a group set on tracking down witches with dangerous powers and capturing them. now witch may bring to mind an old lady with green skin and a long crooked nose, but in this show all it means is someone with magic or rather supernatural powers. the STN developed a special liquid for rendering witches powers useless. they have bullets containing this liquid and this is how they disarm and capture the witches. after the witches are captured they are collected by the powerful agency known as “the Factory”. The main witch hunter is Amon. He is dark and mysterious and seems to want nothing to do with anyone but capture witches, and he does a damn good job at it too. everything is in order at the STN until a new hunter is sent over. a very young girl named Robin. She is shy and just wants to be accepted but she has an inner sadness as well. the whole catch is that, she herself, is a witch. A witch hunting witches doesn’t go to well with anyone at the STN. after her first mission she accidentally unleashes too much of her power and ends up with her getting ostracized by everyone at the STN which doesn’t help her with making friends at the STN. but they don’t give up on her and Robin Works at it and begins to move up in the ranks and make friends. The STN gets in there groove and Robin and Amon work well together even though he will barely acknowledge Robin. But after it all, The STN discovers a secret that shakes the very foundation the stand for. Robin and The STN have to save the day but it is not so simple when they realize what they are up against.

Unfortunately, the show is very disconnected on face value, but it is very deep under the surface. some episodes address such historical events like the Salem Witch trials and others. and when the show begins to actually get connected you have learned so much about each character that you are leaning forward with each step they take waiting to see what they will run into. This show is unlike any other and it is more serious than your average anime. if you have the patience to watch it and get hooked you will love it. it has a lot to show you and teach you. Witch Hunter Robin has some of the most developed characters of any anime and that makes it more fun to watch than your typical, “fighting to save the world anime”. Enjoy Witch hunter Robin in its Entirety and you will see exactly what I mean!

8/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall

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andreichekov Sep 24, 2016

Dear lord, I hope that your review is satire.

LikwidSkin Nov 17, 2009

Not similar but you might appreciate it.

Anathemus Nov 16, 2009

Hmmm Is this similar to ERGO PROXY? I might try it after finishing MONSTER