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VivisQueen Oct 19, 2008

Lol. Make some just for the purpose of getting them stalked. The best reason to get to know someone! :D

Termia Oct 19, 2008

well... you never know...

but i stick with the whole holliday thingsie in combination with: i left my books at school, sorry

VivisQueen Oct 19, 2008

Hoho! Thanks very much. I really need to change that. I used to post different jokes and change them a lot, but kinda never bothered to change that list. Lol. Oh, and like Termia said, we stalk upon request. Please feel free to introduce your friends in the forum thread. We are eager to please. *wolfish grin*

Termia Oct 19, 2008

haahha, well, my stats really increase at those moments

hollidays and stuff also help a lot. i mean: 40-50 eps a day is normal... now i just need an excuse for why in tha world i didn't make my homework...

Termia Oct 19, 2008

well... somebody knew you, said: stalk him. i stalked ya

how? watch 20 eps a day and you will notice how quick your stats will grow :P